What kind of links are love Shanghai station punishment

link line station, will cause your entire site influence.

The first point:


some external links, we do a master, a master. So some links outside of what effect, some effects will involve our website. Today evening rattan small according to the design of the 3 points and everyone to share.

station we do, he is a chronic poison, why do you say, because you know the Shanghai dragon this industry 05 years began to rise, and in the continuous development. In the process of change, many people still remain in some old ideas, or by experience idea began to do a lot of things, some Shanghai Longfeng operation optimization means of accumulation in their own mind, similar to some show of skill. But he did not immediately to update one’s own knowledge base, there is no immediate update to some thinking in my mind. So many of their own practices have led to some out of date, but he did not realize the seriousness of the problem of their outdated. To a great extent will cause a chronic poisoning on their website, the website is slowly in the search engine trust degree is reduced, some even appear drop right today; universal to everyone, which links station will affect your website a related right down.


links to talk about this, I believe that many people will think of a text. Sitelinks as we all know, increase their website keyword density through the text to your site, increase the regional. Then in the process of operation in the station we will find what the problem? The article begins from the US station, first of all we do when a lot of the station will add a keyword appears in the article. This is a way of everyone in the process of doing the most common. So please do what is good, he only know how to do it, but do not understand what is the purpose? In fact, many people in that said, this can increase the return of spiders and provide weight to love Shanghai, but today the vine design Xiaobian tell you clearly, actually do nothing. A potential impact and will form a reputation, reduce the site being implicated in the website down right. In fact, we are not all the content will need to text, if the content of your site and guide the original enough good, users can successfully read the page and stay longer than 8 seconds, the >

The content of the site itself What we do will cause the

is likely to ignore some pitfalls you, we also need to talk about and we will encounter what links of traps to lead us to the web today, since it is a trap, that is our unconscious slowly walked slowly, slowly you are some operating methods for thinking into a misunderstanding.

Some of the links to the

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