Simple to understand website image optimization

< > The value of Src The

(value) refers to the image file path (Url), the absolute path image is cited by (Url) or relative path (Url), the syntax is. Among them, the absolute path (Url) to other sites, or from other website reference picture link address, relative path (Url) refers to its site address file. The Shanghai dragon work, whitehand believes that the absolute path can be understood as taken directly from other sites to the picture picture address, and the relative path is the path of their own pictures on the computer.

tag is to create referenced image space. Among them, Src and Alt is

Alt, alternative text images, is shown in the picture or the user cannot disable the image display, image display in the browser instead of the content. The value of the Alt property (Value) is a can contain up to 1024 strings of characters, including spaces and punctuation. The syntax is. In writing Alt tag, try to use a simple sentence to express the essence of the complete picture, at the same time, in order to speed up the search engine crawlers to crawl the main picture, keywords can also add an article in Alt tags.

tag refers not to insert the image on the page, but the page links image,

Title is displayed when the mouse on the picture of the text. If the picture is added on the hyperlink, the title property can be used to explain this picture link. When the picture is the link, the user clicks on the picture will display the text, the user can according to the text to determine whether they are interested in loading the page, and then reduce the useless page load; when the picture without the link, at the same time, beside the pictures without text headings or text Title is very long and not fully displayed, title can tell the user what attributes the picture is, improve the user experience.

3. Title

Two properties required for The

2. Alt

first, let’s take a look at the key label should contain a standard picture.

1. Src

. Next, we know ourselves baizhanbudai, one by one to know about these 5 labels.

insert pictures need to use the IMG element in the Html language on the web page. Technically,

image optimization, is one of the most important part of the work of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. To optimize the website pictures, not only can bring additional traffic to the site, but also to create a good user experience for visitors. Below, and white look together on how to optimize the site.

usually, a standard picture of the embedded code generally includes 5 labels, namely Src, Width, Height, Alt and Title.

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