The construction of website optimization of correlation analysis

site title and description should contain keywords, and the front, the keywords ranking relatively better. So the general will be the main keyword in front of title. It should be noted that all keywords accumulation, especially in the description should not deliberately accumulation keywords, the natural thing to do and insert a few keywords, description readability. Because if the site appears in the search engine results list, then summarizes the general is the description of the page label, so the description tag should try to attract customers click. If the user sees is the keyword, then the site in the user’s mind the image may be greatly reduced, users naturally not going to click, enter your website.

with the explosive development of Internet, the number of sites increased, almost all the good domain name is registered, plus many domain name providers, such as "fried rice farming group, the value of the domain name is more and more high. Now if you want to register a good domain name is almost impossible to buy for the domain name of the website from the hands of others, certainly not low price. If you can have a strong correlation between the industry, in line with user habits, a brief note of the domain name, website search engine that will have a certain strength to a certain extent, given certain congenital weight. So how to do domain relevance? That the domain name contains keywords, such as table site, domain name can contain " Biao or " watch"; Web site domain name contains " socks, socks; " or " socks"; shoes website containing " xiezi" shoes" " Shanghai Longfeng; website, domain name contains " Shanghai dragon " etc..

web content should be around the page, if the content of the site keywords and sub phase and not cattle, the search engine will naturally think of the poor quality of the page. Here, H1 H2 and other colleagues should pay attention to the content and theme related tags.

1, page title, description.

, the domain name of the website.

with the search engine algorithm constantly updated and improved, the website of the website ranking and weight influence more and more factors, including the influence of correlation between the performance is more and more obvious. How to improve the relevance of web content? What places should pay attention to the construction of correlation? The author sorted out as follows, for friends reference.

two, website label.


Keywords 2, the relationship between

pictures on the page should use Alt description tags. The contents of the Alt tags can also contain keywords, to improve the relevant pictures and web page >

3, Alt description tags.

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