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two, website operation

manager for direction of product transformation to friends, if the company does not have the very good opportunity. You can use some spare time to learn some knowledge of product, product manager and join the circle of insiders exchange. The most important thing is to begin to practice, can imitate their own products, or try to do a product experience. Actions speak louder than words, chances are people who are prepared.

, a product manager for

Shanghai dragon and product managers actually have many similarities, such as inter department communication, data analysis, user needs study etc.. But Shanghai dragon Er to transition product managers are not necessarily simple, there are still a lot of things to learn, such as user research, prototype design, interaction design, project management, data analysis, product operations, PRD and BRD writing etc..

discussed here refers to the operation, under the environment of Internet sites and products operation. To the operation transformation of Shanghai dragon Er is actually pretty much, I am one of them. Shanghai dragon is a way of promotion, the purpose is to bring traffic to the site. If you stand on the operating point of view, Shanghai dragon is in operations of a link that is new, so Shanghai dragon Er to operation transformation is also a good choice. The following with the view of operation needs to be done.

a lot of Er Shanghai Longfeng say they are odd jobs, what things should be done. In fact, I think Shanghai is a "Dragon Tiger Balm" type of work, need to understand and master the knowledge and skills in many aspects to do the work of Shanghai dragon. But at the same time as the Shanghai dragon staff restructuring and lay a good foundation to other occupation. Shanghai dragon Er can according to their own preferences to the product manager, operations, data analysis, training instructors and their own business aspects of the transition, the following simple talk about how to transition problems.

many people think Shanghai is dragon ranking, the conversion rate is the product manager. If you want to transform the product manager, it is best not to have this idea. Not every company has the position of product manager, especially some small companies or traditional enterprises. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er actually plays the role of product manager, you should not only do keywords ranking, but also should pay attention to the user experience and website conversion rate of things.


work is also very complex, the body of the very big pear.

wrote an article "see this article do Shanghai Longfeng no longer bitter." article, many friends asked me how Shanghai dragon transformation problem. Today I take the time to write an article on the transformation of Shanghai dragon article, hope to the transformation of Shanghai dragon Er some enlightenment.

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advantages: wage increase fast, relatively good prospects for development, and the boss will also be more highly valued.


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