How do we do website optimization Shanghai Dragon

on the other hand, Shanghai dragon’s goal is to get more free traffic, and the search engine business promotion is the opposite. So many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, including a considerable number of search engine practitioners, that from the bottom of my heart, their interest is irreconcilable.


said the popular point is the user in the search engines what kind of words and find your site, so as to bring you into the browser, visibility, influence, or direct sales profit

Optimization of core

search engine optimization is now known as the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon since around 1997, and the search engine in a state of confrontation. On the one hand, a large number of Shanghai dragon behavior only consider how to get more free traffic, as many of these flow is consistent with the search user value, is not within the scope of consideration.


search engine optimization need to pay attention to three key problems, first is the web site optimization, website content in the building should pay attention to the original, this is the intellectual property rights "

but in Shanghai Longfeng staff is the best embodiment of the commercial value of search engines, for our country’s small and medium enterprises are concerned, they are not necessarily familiar with the network marketing, and we played in the development of the search engine commercial value

choose to have someone in the search, because there is no keyword search is of no value, but also can’t pick hot, do not pick! Then we have to reduce the difficulty of optimization, a website to obtain good results in the budget and period under certain search to find what is more difficult. Too much keywords. Then we have to find the effective flow, if the company has enough strength to some popular keywords in the front row, then maybe the payoff is not committed! So effective traffic benefit is our aim! We need to find some new opportunities, is the so-called big woods, what kind of people there are billions of people who use the Internet, preferences, experience is different, so sometimes they will search for you to imagine the words, so the cable is not search word we often think what keywords, key words are often used by the user is all kinds of, which we need to pay attention to the diversity of search


of a web site is the key, but also can not ignore the page directory page content page is not written by Title Meta specification and ALT description property tag is not reasonable use.

then I mainly talk about some things need to pay attention to the key words! First of all, we must ensure that one has to search keywords, this is according to a study on the market, we want to ensure that we

!The so-called !


we are in the two cases based on, we need to consider the relationship between the search engine and the Shanghai dragon, the network marketing of the benign development of

What is called the

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