Five details on how to improve the content of your site can share the



is a simple and powerful content is often the most easy to receive visitors of all ages and widely shared. A tedious content page will not only distract the reader while reading your content, will make you more visitors not to share your content will. At the same time, we need to do is not just content concise, so it is also for typesetting. As I often go to the famous Shanghai International Dragon site Shanghai dragon Moz, we can see the share rate is very high, and it is also following the quasi simple route layout. As shown below:

: two pages do not contain too much advertising


the reason is very simple, if you offer your visitors a reasonable eye-catching share button, it will greatly improve your chances of sharing content. Your visitors may for the operation of a computer is not very understand, if you provide a convenient channel to share the content of the site for the site’s share of riding a key role. As shown below.

three: sharing buttons need to be visible to


we can see before the update stage of Google’s algorithm in specific page advertising many sites will be punished, the page advertisement will not only affect our optimization, but also discourage visitors to share your content will. Not what people want to share to friends is advertising a page, as shown below, we can find the following pages we need to go through a long ad to see what you want. I believe that if you want your content to get more sharing, compressed advertising is a necessary work.

four: make sure your content has a good title

as the editor we should stay away from those who use false exaggerated title means, but to provide a can to attract visitors, rather than by misleading our visitors to attract visitors to. In order to improve the content of the genuineness of the share of.

if you have played the social network if you >

five: the diversity of content elements

with the development of social networking sites, and love Shanghai launched their own sharing tools, we have to consider how to make our content can be shared more. For a website editor the biggest frustration than he spent a few hours to write, did not share the contents of his visitors. The causes of this reason is in many aspects. So I take their own what one sees and hears share several points on how to improve the content of sharing the details of the five.

: keep it simple

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