Thinking about love Shanghai search results page second above the relevant search



for the love of Shanghai: the search results page second above add related search help to improve the user experience, users will get more love Shanghai traffic.

1, this is the author of the search keywords Shanghai dragon, second pages of results, the red part is above the relevant search

OK, some small changes above is the love tonight Shanghai adjustment, the next is Xiaodeng thinking about love Shanghai the fine adjustment.

love Shanghai search results page second above the relevant search:

and the adjustment of the search results, love Shanghai itself has been at the bottom of the relevant search, why on page second above increase the relevant search? Search relevant search results at the bottom of the use of not many people, and on the second page above can extremely eye-catching, increase the click rate. To do is: when the user does not find a satisfactory answer on the first page of the page in the page second search, search will love over the Shanghai second page prompts the user to search for more accurate keywords, to help users to better find he needed content. This is a way to increase the user experience, but also a means of single keyword traffic dispersion, is good for users, at least according to the user’s psychological to >



2, search relevant search results of search results related to the bottom and top of the contrast

love Shanghai NEW

as a webmaster, pay close attention to the change of love of Shanghai should be every webmaster every day to do it tonight, open several webmaster, found that everyone in the discussion of a phenomenon, a small change is love made in Shanghai, what is the change? We may have found it, is: "love Shanghai search results page second above the relevant search"; then the move for love in Shanghai, as a webmaster, as a Shanghai dragon ER, we can get some enlightenment and get what? What chance? For the Shanghai dragon ER speaking, this is good or bad? We need here are some views of thinking; Deng, and we hope to communicate with each other.

Every minute of the adjustment of

love Shanghai, certainly has its purpose, and the adjustment of every subtle change, have a common, is everything in order to improve the user experience; because only improves the user experience, users find he needed content in the search results, so as to retain he, the user can continue to use love Shanghai, and increase the frequency of use, only love users in Shanghai are increasing constantly, the trust love Shanghai, love Shanghai will develop better, this no doubt, because the love of Shanghai is also a web site, with all sites have in common.

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