The love of Shanghai keywords Artecoll split algorithm ranking study (1)

segmentation it is gorgeous + plastic, in other words or other words Huamei + + plastic and can have a say. Please pay attention to the love of Shanghai keywords Artecoll split algorithm of ranking (two)

love Shanghai also known as the keyword matching commonly known as split. However, generally divided into complete matching and partial matching. This is love for Shanghai or included in Google ranking, not for the production site of segmentation. Among the two, has a lot of places, such as title, complete and incomplete, the title and description, complete, incomplete matching. Complete matching site keywords layout and incomplete matching etc..

4. title and description are not perfectly matched


then we’ll see the keywords gorgeous shaping example.

based on past experience, the title of the weight is greater than 1, so more than 2, 2 more than 3, 3 more than 4, 3 more than 4. According to the research on the love of Shanghai for a long period of time that the law only for the most of the content page is correct, then the keywords in web page ranking is not the same. The love of Shanghai now ranking keyword matching is what kind of?


2. title display keywords is matched, the description is incomplete,

when I wrote this article love Shanghai home page ranking the best or the title and description in the keywords are not perfectly matched to the segmentation gorgeous plastic we must think clearly, completely, is perfectly matched on the site, that is, completely love Shanghai.

3. title display is not fully matched, and is fully described,


which is a combination of many, such as the title match, but the description is not exactly match the title and description; do not match exactly and perfectly matched. Keywords combination of many, at least four:

gorgeous plastic


gorgeous plastic keyword search found three cases in Shanghai: one is the title and description in the keywords are not completely match, another is to display the title and description in the keywords is also a completely, is the title of the incomplete matching exactly matches the description.

well, today is here first, when we have time to discuss, hope the analysis can give us some help. The Quanzhou Huamei cosmetic (贵族宝贝qzhmzx贵族宝贝) editor (PRWeb yellow) original release, welcome to reprint, hard to write so much, please keep the link

, thank you for your cooperation!


1. title and description of perfectly matched

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