The website has fast ranking skills

a new station to enter the top 50, the effective flow is essential. But there is no pre website ranking, we can only rely on other drainage promotion platform. Promotion methods mainly include forum, blog, library, know, love Shanghai experience, special industry can also be QQ and a series of measures.

High quality

from the site title, keyword is XXXX download, Beidou vehicle terminal, GPS terminal, therefore, our home in the layout of the time must obviously provide the three kinds of content to the user (as if the user enters the site is based on the title to the site, after can not find their own needs, it is greatly increase your bounce rate, the higher the impact site bounce rate brought to the site I will not say).

for the majority of Shanghai Longfeng novice, get a website will be more confused, do not know how to optimize, don’t know how long will it take to the site up… Here to share with you, how fast will the website do before 50:

as a Shanghai dragon how to write the original high quality content? In fact, "high quality is not to write, but you may not be the original high quality", this sentence novice must understand, do not go wrong. Back in the case above, we can see a lot of content at the basic is the copy of the past, it is how to get the pre ranking? How to make search engines a good collection of

The construction of the chain

love Shanghai again and again to crack down on foreign chain, the chain mentioned may be a lot of Shanghai dragon have fear. However, we must clearly love Shanghai punishment has made clear garbage outside the chain, for high quality in the chain website ranking is very favorable. A new station which mainly rely on the chain resources? In fact, for the new station, the latest to ensure that effective outside the chain, a lot of love in "on the Shanghai Dragon

is here to teach you a method: "increment method", simple to understand is to increase the added value for the. Because love is not clear if Shanghai 100% original content is high quality, can solve most of the user demand content is the real content of high quality.




as the Shanghai dragon should know that a good website structure is very conducive to the spiders crawl, and how should we go to the layout in the design of a new station? First of all, according to the key words determine the navigation bar, then, the correlation of website content must be a good match, according to the key design forum. What is the specific operation? Let’s take a case: a title for the "download vehicle monitoring system, the national certification of Beidou vehicle terminal, GPS terminal website how to layout:


site layout design

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