How to quickly solve the website drop right no ranking problem

drop right: in the end is artificial or computer? In fact are not all computer or artificial, general sensitive word manual processing, the general website is a computer filter. Computer by eigenvalue (algorithm) to judge. Love Shanghai has its own rules, the sample is artificial extraction, feature analysis, rules by the computer to perform. The >

the first condition, the concept of time, most people first time check Ranking Ranking, flow down, find snapshot backwards, the conclusion that there is a problem, in fact, the search engine is not synchronous data to Shanghai, love will not only one server, many places will have, and each service has. He will meet the user to retrieve data, backup data is massive, 350W website synchronous transmission need time? There is abnormal data synchronization, ranking no.. This will not immediately determine the site right down, will let you observe a period of time, the love of Shanghai once a week to update, regardless of the kind of problem, the first observation of a week, if not restore it can be concluded as the right down.

drop right is usually caused by a variety of factors, the optimization of keywords ranking, how to avoid the site down right? When the drop right after, we must use what mode of operation, faster recovery keywords rankings? Fall right down the right and really pseudo right down, pseudo right down is not really right down, whether the real network station right down to the analysis, have some characteristics of right down is not necessarily true right down


second conditions, stable time, last week, ranking this week down, this is down right or false drop right, a website for a short time, or a new ranking, ranking are false. Because of the abnormal data caused by updates, new special weighted, generally unpopular word will appear this kind of phenomenon, up and down is not right down. Home to two pages is not drop right, right down to be love Shanghai punishment, but not your score changes. The changes of scores is not the right down, the score value changes because the chain survival rate, friends of the chain site scores declined to vote for you down, or not open space caused by.

search engine has a URL address index database to the domain name storage unit. Visit the home page search engine all connected into the URL library, after access to the connection of the link is found in storage, each visit is a link to page through storage arrangements to visit the site but the spider, cheating will delete link. Is right down, right down will cause the data to be cleared, is the love of Shanghai included for 0, this is a serious punishment, or have included, but no ranking ability. If the site was ranked first, suddenly can not find, observe a period of time, has been for a long time if the long-term stable ranking drop right is not recovered.

1. website snapshot backwards is down right? After 2. website ranking to 100. 3. to second pages from the web page. A collection of 4. sites from 1000 to 100. 5. site traffic from 2000 to 500; if there is the site down right? The answer is not necessarily. There are conditions, was set up under some conditions.

The reason caused by ?

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