Shanghai Longfeng learning working experience sharing entry

1. of the original Shanghai dragon learning phase

look back at their past Shanghai dragon one year, filled with a thousand regrets. Today and share my learning in Shanghai Longfeng drip, hope to help the novice beginners understand Shanghai Longfeng practical work process more of the truth.

now, the basic knowledge of learning, what is the most I can let you know the work you do to Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng beginners, on how to implement the network promotion, improve website ranking, need to practice, continue to accumulate experience and lessons to improve their own knowledge system. But, as aspiring to become excellent Shanghai Longfeng talents, all aspects need network knowledge, marketing knowledge, and not just focus on the work of Shanghai Longfeng experience.

at that time, have the same idea with many novice, don’t think what practical experience, I want to find a Shanghai dragon training makes me a better entry. When I was around a lot of the hustle of Shanghai dragon Er, they have accumulated one or two years of experience. But he is a beginner, want to catch up with them in a short period of time. Later, heard that Shanghai dragon did not learn what training, but also spend a lot of money. This matter settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

in fact, I was with great enthusiasm in Shanghai Longfeng work, think the network is a new thing, it should be promising. Very glad to find this occupation, after about the ranking of the site, it’s a sense of achievement. However, I think that it is far. From the beginning of the first day of Shanghai Longfeng work, I will do a network text porters, too much point to say, is the maker of garbage. Have you thought about your keyboard is the most ctrl+c and ctrl+>

company, a kind colleague lent me their training materials, he participated in the Shanghai dragon training, every night listening to the teacher training to Shanghai dragon. His book, is the teaching of Shanghai dragon system my first contact, let me put the network messy knowledge Shanghai dragon get a frame of comb, I appreciate his share. Because I feel what all don’t understand, but too much knowledge of the Internet, do not know how to start.

started looking for a job, when computer professional studies they read is not fine, see a lot of jobs in Shanghai Longfeng, and job requirements is not high, it was very glad to learn a few days to apply theoretical knowledge. The Internet desperately looking for Shanghai dragon related knowledge, the subject of the interview, spend a lot of time to understand the term PR, the chain weight, etc. these difficult for the layman to understand. Just a few days to memorize and understand some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon is not enough. The best way to understand knowledge or practice, because of the environment is limited, I can’t have a small website to do Shanghai dragon. At that time the theory in the field of cognition.

2. unexpected Shanghai dragon

When Just remember to enter the

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