Song we optimize the website why use white hat

white hat with respect to black hat is relatively weak, law-abiding, there is no penalty, will not in the short term to see the effect, but as long as you pay will be rewarded, this is the biggest difference between the two.

this kind of cheating in the search engine algorithm is not mature and very good, as long as the accumulation of a large number of relevant keywords in the page, you can get good rankings, the keywords hidden using the HTML code, can achieve the same effect, but with the search engine update and adjustment of the algorithm this kind of cheating means has not used up, once found, your station will be ready to let go, because.

black hat is like a knife, can be used to cut vegetables, can also be used to cut people, personal advice is best not to use this knife.

in order to let everyone know the difference between these two methods, the following will give some black hat. Only to learn, it is best not to use, otherwise the consequences you know.

is good and there is evil, there are good people there will be bad, this problem no matter in what areas of what industry, various industries have competition, healthy competition and vicious competition, and in the Shanghai dragon field, Shanghai dragon white hat and black hat is like this, one is an evil, used for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, today small love song will give you talk about these two enemies.

1. is the most common keywords hidden pile.

white hat and black hat two terms, the first should be at the end of 04 to early 05, appeared in the United States, after the United States is the most earliest and most mature state of development of the Internet, so the most advanced technology always appeared in the United states.

the next step is to explain the two question of what a commonplace talk of an old scholar, is what is the white hat, black hat, white hat, white hat, white hat, of course not, from the literal meaning, is white, without pollution, the conventional optimization method of this technology is the Shanghai Dragon say, comply with the specified rules to search engine optimization and adjustment of the website, not suitable for some short-term cheating to achieve their purposes, to be honest, white hat operation cycle is long, cumbersome, more tiring. Black hat is just on the contrary, by some means of cheating, or drilling search engine algorithm loopholes in the short term we can see the result of optimization, but if it is found in the search engine, it may lead to serious punishment, risk and return is directly proportional to the. The greater the risk of higher income, which is why the black hat still exists.

as Google search engine in the big brother, but in at that time by the black hat puzzle, so the old brother angry, immediately on its own search engine algorithm to adjust, so many sites began to move, and then how to search peace, has become a topic of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners is the white hat, or a black hat, this is a problem.

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