Webmaster please forget home to do the real Shanghai Dragon

to flow back to Shanghai dragon, how is Shanghai dragon can really bring flow! What should we do? The answer is right, is the ranking, ranking, the ranking is ranked in your heart! But, what should we do to do many rankings, ranking, you know this is the key! You see? What is the

real Shanghai dragon should be that the site has a large number of pages to get a good ranking and the ranking page you can control freely! The only way to maximize the website ranking to bring traffic to Shanghai! The only way to maximize the value of the dragon, only in this way, can let you pay several times! So, webmaster, please forget home, do the real Shanghai dragon! Here we come, how to make a web site a lot of pages for ranking, Shanghai Longfeng value

most of Shanghai dragon eyes ER rankings are the home of several key words ranking; are you? But this a few words page can really give your site to bring much traffic? The Shanghai dragon and can bring many customers how much profit to your enterprise

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webmaster, I ask you, when it comes to Shanghai dragon, when it comes to your rank, you think what? Just think of some keywords situation? I would like to ask you: how much are you these words? — generally not more than 1000 is? Ask a kind of privacy question: your site after your optimization, these keywords are ranked after, how many IP have more than one day? 200Ip? Webmaster, if you are not satisfied with their present income, want the company to pay you money? Is not often complained that the company has not been paid with

want to have a large number of website ranking pages, the premise is your site to have a sufficient number of pages, so do.


so we have reason to believe that the real dragon and Shanghai is not only the use of several home to do keywords ranking, and then drew the little traffic! This is not the real Shanghai dragon

, a collection of articles must be high, to do;


but the stationmaster, ask yourself, you really have Shanghai dragon bring much profit to the enterprise? In the process you will continue to optimize the in site traffic have a step by step to continue to ascend? Look at the last few months, the site’s traffic if there had been a growth of

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and these are the Shanghai dragon value, is an important basis for determining your salary; flow, we once again back to the original topic today, the decisive factor, is not effective traffic flow; the Shanghai dragon is a failure, not to the enterprise value creation of Shanghai dragon is useless! Let us I asked myself again again: whether every day thinking about how to improve site traffic? Is effective and precise flow, every day in the struggle for the realization of the value of Shanghai dragon

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