Analysis single keyword ranking how to optimize the home page

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single keyword ranking how to optimize the home page? In today’s Internet era many would like to use this platform to open up a new way of marketing for themselves, many traditional businesses are continued to build their own marketing website, is that some time ago, Yang Zi Shanghai, received a customer, the customer is a professional the production of electric car company, Shanghai dragon asked Yang Zi if there is intention to meet him in this case, when Yang Zi asked him to go to Shanghai dragon website come to see, through the basic analysis and diagnosis of the site and the total station is good, is the lack of page optimization, as long as the strengthening of the station’s value to do some content construction. High quality external link optimization, it is easy to effect. Immediately responded to OK. and asked the customer what is required to do ZhengZhan or a few keywords, he said as long as do a keyword "electric sightseeing car" ranking, the time is two months. In a reasonable price negotiation, Watson agreed. Next we will begin doing this optimization, keyword optimization at the same time there are many webmaster Yang Zi in Shanghai dragon group asked for a single keyword ranking optimization how to do? Here is Yang Zi this keyword optimization of Shanghai Longfeng case and do a simple share.

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, the next is the content of the writing, this is a very important point, content writing should be closely linked to the theme, while the proposed title contains the optimization of key words, such as Yang Zi Shanghai Longfeng the optimization of the key word is "electric sightseeing car ranking" then in the title when it get the keyword into the title, which will be the best keyword on the left. As for the writing is the best written It differs from man to man., novel, unique, professional, best not to collect, reprint, if you feel the pseudo original ability, can do some high quality pseudo original content.

single keyword rankings do? No matter when any website optimization or a keyword when first understanding of the industry and the products, here may be some webmaster will say, I had no contact with this industry how to understand it, in fact, for a truly qualified Shanghai dragon Er should not say such a problem, at least Yang Zi Shanghai Longfeng think so. As for how to understand the product or the industry, as the current Yang Zi is working on "optimization of Shanghai Longfeng electric sightseeing vehicle ranking" this keyword, it will through various channels such as network, related books, electric sightseeing cars professional books and the company’s product promotion materials and so on, to understand the performance of some electric sightseeing car and parameters, applicable area, and the suitable crowd characteristics and advantages, the price of raw materials, etc.. Through to these understanding, to write out the value of high quality content.

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