Do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng marketing enterprise

in the online shopping process, "brand", "brand style, brand gender styles" and "brand number" and "business"

then for a qualified member of Shanghai dragon optimization, marketing e-commerce platform Shanghai dragon how to do it? In this regard, simply speaking, is the analysis, strategy, human resources, and implementation.

with the development of the Internet industry, all walks of life have joined the development of electronic commerce, website construction, website hosting operations called the new trend of the times, resulting in Shanghai is a good helper for Longfeng web hosting task solving. So how to optimize the work site of the Shanghai dragon

managed to maintain 2


if you want to do industry website without rivals, then congratulations to you, you will be very easy to do business first. But generally speaking, a large business platform are basically competitors, and more than a rival, but a large business platform now are not particularly attached to the Shanghai dragon, or that of their Shanghai dragon didn’t do very well, so we have space to play the Shanghai dragon er. In the process of competition with its rivals, need to analyze the other Shanghai dragon strategy, of course, is not to copy other’s analysis of Shanghai dragon strategy, but through analysis, draw their own shortcomings and improvement, develop more effective strategy.

, for example, your original web site selling Anta women’s casual shoes, now Anta shelves, but Anta search women’s casual shoes you is the first one, is not completely successful. In the high flow page, can not let the product information is empty, can not recommend similar Nike men’s basketball shoes this cow products wrong the horse mouth, otherwise the loss of users will be more and more. In this example, you can recommend Anta, PEAK price, style, almost all the women’s casual shoes, so that we can get higher conversion.


usability analysis is the user experience. In the process of promoting do, must not be at the expense of the user experience to Shanghai dragon, in order to meet the user experience on the basis of the deployment of Shanghai dragon strategy. So how should the user experience with the Shanghai dragon is hanging up? Sister feel the most simple, is that you can put the platform conversion rate included in the Shanghai dragon Er evaluation index.

usability analysis

a good Shanghai dragon Er, not just stare at the traffic, as an e-commerce platform, accurate flow to have a precise product to match, so improve the entrance flow rate is two page Jump to Shanghai dragon er one of goals. We recommend carefully issued sister blog on "whether you are a truly qualified Shanghai dragon er?".

the third step, the understanding of user search habits

The so-called The second step,

, the first step analysis of competitors

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