Do we need to pay attention to the focus of community promotion forum

users a good location, you can start to promotion.

we need to make a plan.

I believe we have heard about

1. user group

we need to develop a strategy to promote the soft products, we can use the characteristics of the product, price and promotion to the upgrading of products as a reference. We can carry out different marketing strategies according to the seasons, holidays, gifts, activities and events of different time and situation. These can be used in the text, but also in the promotion of the general. We must be based on the promotion of the goal to screen some community or forum. These communities and forums relevant to the content and we aim to promote, and to read the forum rules carefully. The PR community forums and try to choose between 3 to 5, PV5 to 50 or more, IP3 to 100 thousand or more, less than 500 thousand Alexa. Registered in these forums and communities, first look at Yue Fen technology can add the target signature when the link to the site, if you can not add links, we can add the keyword promotion. And then a master account for publication, in addition to about 3 accounts vest account, can be top posts or posts. We need to publish content is ready, the account number and password to keep records. The main account released content >

How to establish a

your product corresponding to the user group according to the age, habits, age division; user active site and community by community, vertical portals, industry portals, etc. to be divided; by using the site and community distribution is to use Excel to do a statistical table, the need to pay attention to is collected by search engine keywords and site Links way. In the selection of the community must pay attention to the selection of some very high visibility of the community. For example, the Shanghai skyline, love Post Bar mop贵族宝贝 etc..

The actual operation of ?

first time, you can set for a period of 7 days. The number of appropriate arrangements to promote, to have a website to promote the goal of. Dalian network promotion, the content can have events and promotional activities of the soft, few enough, then the promotion of soft paper. Promotion include signature promotion, promotion, promotion of fixed connection replies. According to the aim of promotion, extension of traffic statistics basic decision. PV, IP by the trees is according to the date, week, month to calculate. If the general promotion of the cycle is short, it can be positioned for a month.


, community forums, also called BBS, is currently the major portal sites have their own community, user activity are very high. Active users as that community forum is a very big viscosity and interactivity. So many businesses have started to use the forum to do promotion. Do some of the need to focus on the promotion of community forum we remember, Dalian website to share the following.

The promotion of

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