s charging treasure, and air purifier, jumei intends to continue to do electricity supplierFamous v

this looks and electricity supplier irrelevant mobile power industry, is not jumei’s first attempt to non electricity supplier business. Less than half a month ago, jumei has just announced the sector cut into the air purifier market, launched a new product "REEMAKE core quality."".

and jumei in a cross-border investment, street news Shuabing began on the night of May 4th.

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of course, you can go with no experience in business, but if you have a clear entrepreneurial companies will face challenges: financing, adjust the direction of the product, and the cultivation of culture, so the probability of success will be a little larger. These things don’t come from the workplace, and when you’re looking for support from friends and family to start the company, you have to hit the nail on the head.


, a typical start-up company: simple office environment, cluttered computer, almost all male engineers team

below is the full text of this article:

he wants to do the air purifier and sound reason, millet, two years ago, the cheetah first hardware manufacturers to try to do the air purifier is similar, feel no domestic brands and models for a good purifier scene office or Home Furnishing, decided to do their own.

this beauty based business unit of the electricity supplier website, in the past few years, has suffered a lot of questioning, most of which are concentrated in its earnings performance. Since the listing in 2014, the stock price of the electricity supplier website has declined from about $37 to $3.06 per share, and the market value has shrunk from about $5 billion 500 million to $446 million.

companies in Silicon Valley and get venture capital? If you just graduated from college, then you may lack experience and intuition to determine the company’s team is excellent, product differentiation, and the market space is large enough. Although the wind is not perfect, but they can do it for you after all these things, and their investment decisions also means to increase the company’s reputation and resources. In addition, professionals, financial experts and functional departments including legal, public relations, human resources, etc. will be required in every field of science and technology. Silicon Valley has the largest ecosystem, the most opportunities, the largest network of talents.

is only the first half of 2016 from the latest financial data, not only revenue basically no growth, but net GMV down 7.6% year on year, only 4 billion yuan, gross profit 971 million 400 thousand yuan, down 2.86%, gross profit in net revenue in the proportion from 30.6% to 27.9%.

has just listed, jumei lawsuit, which also led to its subsequent data performance fatigue. The third quarter of 2014, in order to reduce the fake likely to bring down the United States platform, the beginning of the next frame on the platform of third party sellers to self, but because this transformation is not described in the prospectus, leading to a number of investors sued the United States from the beginning of the collective, the first time the stock price plummeted, the lowest value since its listing.

if you try to start a business, you can learn 5 to 10 times more than a big company or school in 2 or 4 years in a startup.

I spent 5 years with a large technology company, studied for 2 years at business school, followed 2 years of consulting work before starting business. Even with all this experience, I still think that I’m still a bit too soft for starting a company. This is not to say that previous experience is worthless, but the most valuable experience for a successful start-up company is the involvement of a well established start-up company. I can even conclude that such a company should be located in Silicon Valley and get venture capital.

into self operated electricity supplier, the United States has been facing the growth of new users weak, revenue growth difficulties. By 2016, the first half of net revenue increased by only 1.7%, in addition to the release of quarterly reports, there is no annual financial disclosure in 2016.

well, how about going to graduate school or getting into a big company? It doesn’t work very well. Responsibility, role, contacts, culture, communication, risk, antecedents and consequences and intuition, these entrepreneurial abilities necessary to cultivate out only in a startup.

does not seem to have anything to do with the electricity supplier. The reason is the same Street investment power, Chen Ou answered only because he was optimistic about the street power "in the industry leading technology, hardware, the largest accumulation of the largest platform", but it seems just Chen Ou personally optimistic about this field to do financial investment, no mention of jumei mobile and can share with the kind of charge.

poly beauty has also tried to develop some of its own brands to increase self SKU electricity supplier. Own brand is really difficult to achieve results in the short term, spent a lot of money in the promotion and packaging of some of its own brands, such as Yue, the United States, mimime, flower color, hippo home, etc., but with little success. Dropped the heavy capital, please spokesmen, advertising, and did not sell in exchange for growth.

Anderson Horowitz Fund Andreessen Horowitz Fund has replaced Sequoia and KPCB in recent years, becoming a new generation of hot Vc firm in Silicon Valley. As the partner of the company, and in 2007 was acquired by CISCO co-founder IronPort Systems, Scott Weiss recently in an article about his walk on the road of entrepreneurship, and the matters needing attention in the business.

people often ask me how I can become a successful entrepreneur. Their questions include: should I try to start a company now, or do I go to graduate school? How many years have I worked in a big company,

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