The first half of the PO transcript exposed 2017 some people arrogate 13, these VC PE to make over!

1 search engine marketing method and enterprise website is inseparable. The enterprise website promotion is one of the main purposes of search engine marketing so the establishment of professional business website is mainly relying on enterprises to effectively carry out the search engine marketing enterprise website, professional and friendly search engine to search engine marketing effect has direct effect.

"investment is like a siege, people outside the city want to go in and people in the city really play."." Over the past 6 months, the investment community has witnessed the joy and regret of this world. 2017, the second half of the story has just begun.

really quit is king. A private data through the first half of 2017, a total of 266 enterprises completed IPO, reached its highest level since 2015, the A shares 247 Shanghai Stock Exchange 121, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange 126, including gem 82, small plates 44, 18 Hong Kong stocks, the Nasdaq Stock Exchange 1. The investment community WeChat ID:pedaily2012 incomplete statistics, the first half of 2017 over 100 VC/PE in the background of the implementation of the furniture market, behind over 200 VC/PE.

5 search engine marketing needs to adapt to changes in the development of the Internet service environment. The search engine marketing is the specific application of the search engine under the specific network environment, so the dependence of the search engine’s working principle and service mode on the network environment is higher. When the retrieval methods and service patterns of search engines change, the search engine marketing should also make corresponding changes, and the search engine marketing should maintain the coordination with the network marketing service environment.

"investment is a painful ship, and IPO can bring you to a happy stop."." In just the past six months, staring at IPO investors experienced the "roller coaster" at the beginning of IPO tension: speed, IPO issued by the number of each batch of up to more than 10, by the end of May fell to the lowest 4 of a sudden turn for the worse situation. Last month also shouted "IPO big year", in the twinkling of an eye there is no sound.

3 search engine marketing can achieve a higher degree of positioning. One of the main characteristics of the network marketing can accurately analyze and realize high degree of localization of user behavior, especially in the search results page keyword advertising, can be highly correlated with the user search keywords, so as to improve the marketing information attention degree, and ultimately achieve the purpose of network marketing.

4 search engine marketing effect mainly for the increase in marketing website visits. The main task of the enterprise website promotion for the purpose of search engine marketing is to improve the site visits, and increased access to the final is transformed into income increase, also depends on other factors, this is the search engine marketing activities to determine.

2017 first half of the year, up to the morning venture capital harvest 13 IPO enterprises, no doubt has become the biggest winner. At the beginning of this year, the IPO audit and accelerate, fortune venture capital market has always been a sensitive sense of smell, in the first quarter of 2017 the harvest of 6 IPO, the number after the deep venture capital, in the second quarter, fortune venture capital unabated, again harvest 7 IPO, becoming the first half of the IPO number of venture capital institutions only break ten.

2 search engine marketing is a user led network marketing. Use the search engine information retrieval behavior is active by the user, the user can search what information or service is completely according to their own needs and wishes of the decision, and the user in the search results to select those information also have their own preferences and judgments, is not affected by other factors, therefore, is the leading search engine marketing by the user, the marketing activity itself the impact on users is reduced to a minimum.

compares with other network marketing methods, search engine marketing has its own characteristics. It is more effective to use the search engine to develop network marketing.


as of now, the morning of the venture capital fund management reached 20 billion yuan, has invested more than 400 enterprises, the number of listed companies reached 66. Xiao Bing, chairman of the morning venture capital believes that China’s capital market is still a bonus period, this time will not be particularly long, to seize the last window period. The morning of venture capital can be expected, the second half will be more good news came.

overall, the first half of 2017 VC/PE institutions into the harvest season, of which the highest number of institutions up to 6 months of venture capital, 13 enterprises were completed IPO, deep venture and Jiuding investment were 9, followed by IPO hot pursuit. Investment sector WeChat ID:pedaily2012 multi-channel information collection, finishing this heavy first half of 2017, VC/PE was invested enterprise IPO transcripts.

deep VC: 9 IPO, local leader

morning venture: 13 IPO, leading domestic VC/PE institutions

chart for the investment community, according to incomplete statistics of public information, part of the data cited private pass

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