The sports industry site profitable way to make moneyFuture online and offline advertising and trend

shlf1314 Adsense has just come out, make a fortune, because website basketball quite the same, we are trying to help advertising, point 2 months, shlf1314 to send an e-mail, hurry over site the way to make money. Later made a little sh419 search alliance, but the effect is not good, and can only hang on, a month can have 200-300 pieces, enough smoke money.

"These data can be used in radio, print, direct mail, outdoor and popular websites," says Harry Gold, a senior search engine data expert at

introduction: as long as there is "online" advertising activities exist, there will be "online" advertising data exists. It can be said that every moment, there is a lot of data in the online advertising industry. When data is accumulated to a certain size and to a certain extent, value appears. But why do these effects of considerable value of data can only be "on-line" advertising so gleaning network access, and not have a larger influence?

with the rise of NBA, the domestic concern basketball fans are more and more, network click is also relatively large, found NBA Live this piece of traffic is very unprecedented.

‘s "on line" and "offline" communications are still as vast as ever. However, for many people, what is called "harmony" means that all elements of advertising activities are controlled by a company, and only at the creative level".


did 4 years sports website, the flow is very difficult to do, especially the basketball industry has been affected by the game, the season is very large flow, non season is an upset.

read a lot of Admin5 articles, sports industry traffic, has been unable to make money, so I feel very puzzled, but also very depressing things. Later, more and more sports websites, now more than 300 basketball websites. But after chatting with them, they did not find a profitable road.

because it is time to do business, really spend time on the site is not many, the first love is the site of the dynamic reason for the wonderful basketball, basketball, basketball, basketball video, pictures together. Flow after 20 thousand. Started a basketball forum, using the DZ system. It also saves the technical aspects of work.

previously purely because of hobbies and do, several basketball brothers together with the preparation of the basketball Family Website in case there is soft, too, do not write their own web site

it’s like putting all your eggs in a creative basket. To make matters worse, online activity, in spite of its speed, is a small proportion of the ad campaign budget. Once the online activity is started, the feedback from it will be too late to influence the offline activity. These feedback data are usually used only for the simplest application – optimizing online activity.

Alimama three package policy is good, give us 1000 a week, now coincides with the Olympic time, site traffic is up, 3-4 million IP. This month if there are 4000 pieces, but also a little bit of accomplishment.

Some time ago

every time I find out that online activity is just an extension of offline creativity, it’s always confusing. Agencies and media departments use a large amount of resources, spend a lot of time in brand development, and provide reference information for large-scale offline activities. This information often comes from very small test samples. Thus, the advertising theme is narrow enough, and must be re screened according to the customers’ preference.

in short, I feel that the sports industry category website is more interested, profitable or still a little way to go, except >

this may be the reason: "advanced" online advertising, as well as those of "out of the traditional advertising, who also carries a heavy shell, inside has no real OPEN. data collection, data analysis, data mining…… This is our forte, but remember, as well as the last and most important – Marketing data. If you can make a salesman mind set aside, breaking out, traveling light, "online" and "offline" depth "and 2 unified whole" era will come. In the world, waving the baton will be the online advertiser.

There are too many cases of

website revenue diversification, so as to more safety, we have recently dug a new channel, and some is the Basketball Association, basketball game cooperation, selling tickets, sell star signature, sell basketball related industries a tutorial video class. Because it’s not profitable, but it’s a new road. We’re trying.

works with several sports websites, does some product websites, sells basketball brands and sports facilities, and adds 1-2000 ads a month, which opens up a bit of thought. But our website itself brand has not done, the price is pressed very die, saw Sina and Sohu these doors have many sports supplies advertisement, the shoes and so on, is said to achieve tens of millions. They are not necessarily larger than our industry flow.

. This "data line" long "status if" the network advertising industry deep resentment in a person with breadth of vision. The discussion of its deep reasons is one of the focuses of this paper.

I think the whole higher stage of the "harmony" movement will contain data. In this area, the "whole" exercise has the greatest effect. If you describe this phase in today’s most popular vocabulary, I would call it "whole and 2"".

being driven by offline activity and ideas behind it to drive online activity. In fact, things could have been entirely different. Click through rate and conversion rate from online media and search engines

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