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guest let many sellers to solve the difficult problem of promotion. A clothing sale owner told the author, a guest, shop turnover of more than the previous two times, "they are used in labor to make money, we get fame and money through them, will benefit both sides, Why not?

when she earned 3000 yuan, the west is aware of the guest is a good job to earn money. She works in a state-owned enterprise, and sometimes she doesn’t work very hard. She can still make several deals during the day.

"if unemployed, I will concentrate on the guest."

Lei Jun: respected new secretary, distinguished leaders, good afternoon,

according to this understanding, when a guest promotion goods will get a promotion code, if users click on the actual code, entered the shop and bought something, then the guest account will get the seller to pay commissions. And this Commission is generally 10% to 30% of the price of goods. "It’s hard to believe that some people promote goods and make people think it’s a proposition," he says

West will belong to the top of a class of amoy. She is good at going to the big forums to post and try to recommend things to others. "Although sometimes hit nails."." She will be classified according to the characteristics of the shop, and then summed up the recommendations should focus on content, and then go to bubble forum. And through the discussion of users, and then timely to recommend their own goods out, coupled with the address of the shop. In this way, quite a bit of God unconsciously means, "I recommend the product, a lot of people are particularly fond of, and they do not think I am a prop."."


actually, when we started, we knew what we were going to do, but we didn’t really believe it when we made a review of it today. What did millet do? What exactly do we have in mind? A small company of about ten people, when I registered thirty million yuan, how did I create these miracles?

Spring Festival holiday seven days, Xiaowen earned 5000 yuan. She did not go out running, the workload is not large, every day only on the Internet to send a post, to point to their regular online shop, so that more users to patronize. Easy, 5000 yuan to the hand. According to Wen’s words, she is caught up with a good year for online shopping, and facilitated the transaction through to the shop, she tasted the sweetness of many.

yesterday afternoon, Wuhan city should be invited, Lei Jun has made a special report on the method of Internet plus millet "will be meeting in Wuhan in the center of the hall, the following is the details of the report text slightly abridged. It is understood that after communication and negotiations continued for two years after a major cooperation millet and Wuhan finally reached an agreement, according to the strategic cooperation agreement signed yesterday: millet and the Yangtze River industrial fund jointly launched to raise the scale of 12 billion yuan of funds to support the millet and millet ecological chain enterprise business development.

millet was founded seven years ago, a month ago, we have just spent seven birthday, seven years ago we are a dozen people, seven or eight guns, drank a bowl of millet gruel to start a revolution, a small office in Beijing we started, just started doing two products, five half years ago the real product release. Last month we held an activity called, re take the road of entrepreneurship, the first office is the first day we started from the beginning, we put these seven years inside each office trip, including to our first release 798 of the products, the way we feeling special. In fact, when we founded seven years ago, I never thought that we would have made such a big success, but in our dream seven years ago, I think there is still a considerable part has been achieved, we look at the seven years we have achieved what miracle.


I think first of all, people can not do without technological innovation. Millet at the beginning of business people, the vast majority of colleagues from Microsoft, shlf1314, Motorola and Kingsoft, the average age of the mid thirties, the age and background of the Internet Co which belongs to the older, most of the Internet Co’s founder average at the age of thirty years old, when we do all of the founder of the average age of forty years old, with an average age of 35 year old engineer. A new secretary let me do the trick before consulting, I think talent is the premise of doing everything well, without first-class people is not good, first-class thing. We can become the first Chinese at the beginning, we essentially this group of people with an average of 20 years of industry experience, millet dry faster than Jinshan, the most important reason is that I am looking for a group of outstanding people, I am looking for someone in the early days, many start-up companies asked me how you find someone, why you can find such a good person, you are not very powerful lei. In fact, before I do millet, I mainly do software and Internet, when I want to do mobile phones to do hardware, people in the hardware industry do not understand me, >

it is understood that in the Taobao online, Amoy no threshold, through the "Amoy promotion platform, any Internet users can help Taobao sales network, and earn a commission. Taobao has said it expects to participate in more than one million people in 1 to 2 years, and will provide at least 100 thousand direct jobs for the country. Amoy nearly a million after tax monthly income after tax monthly income of thousands, even part of Amoy million mark.

used to make twenty thousand for ten days. This is online digital I see in amoy. This figure also reflects the ability of top guest.

Tao will become a promising occupation, or will become spam

yes, Amoy has now become a new generation of online part-time pronoun, not only need to shop, their own experiences to share with friends. Without strong entrepreneurial capital, you can get your own commission from the online store only if you have sufficient awareness of the transaction.


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