Last wish to KadangHow to build their own Wangzhuan Road

we do Wangzhuan not affected others bad, such as watching others to cheat, cheat themselves and so on, you can cheat a person, ten person, you can cheat to hundreds of thousands of individuals, first of all, this is not true, and this is not a permanent solution. We are so down-to-earth, pains, a harvest, oh no harvest, I suggest you don’t do Wangzhuan, not suitable for.

The ?

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we should be good at discovering, we each time on the net stroll, feel what have good to record down. Have time to take a look, learn more, then we are not far away from success. Everything, and want to make money, it is inseparable from knowledge, let us study hard!


go your own way and let others talk.

yesterday was the last day in Kadang, handling some related leave, because of Kadang efforts, so I hope this can have its own efforts to develop better, so write a final proposal, no matter how. Kadang will bless this company, in the blessing of friends…… You can have a bright future……

for Kadang pre marketing, I’d like to make a suggestion of things, take a look at the data analysis:

The red circle shows that

the following figure is the number of web access, from October 8th began to cooperate and placed into the home shop Kadang recommended, while "Ghost" electronic magazine because there are relations of cooperation, from product recommendation there are links to the magazine insert in Kadang shop button, the magazine in October 13th, 14, zcom, xplus, DMAD in the official mainstream electronic magazine download platform release, from 14 to 19 days time, we can see the following data:

from the statistical data can be analyzed, the electronic magazine brought directly to the shop’s PV value is relatively high, now can account for the whole site visits 1%, from the initial point of view, the market promotion brought directly to the site traffic increase is more obvious.

in addition, transformation from the shop to jump kangdang home rate of about 10%, can I get through the background statistics, it is temporarily unable to provide background data, also please go see.

A, from the user perspective

in China, consumer behavior logic to DIY is still in a starting stage, at least 1-2 years to cultivate the habit of users, in addition Chinese brand awareness and consumer attitudes have a psychological treatment, the China is the world’s largest counterfeit production and consumption country can see.

for DIY and high consumption, whether the user can accept it, this is what we have been really lack of market research, this research need is a large number of the authenticity of user research, and not just a small part of the individuals and groups

so, at present when the card and transfer out, perhaps on the concept of consumption, is more advanced, we need to do is to attract users, and then guide the user, rather than to guide users to attract. Only with loyal users will you be able to guide the change in your behavior consciousness.

two, from the perspective of network card

an emerging industry has come into existence. There are always plenty of people who can get rich, but we don’t go in first. How do you slice the cake,

now we contact all Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, there are. At the same time on the Internet made a lot of money, but also on the Internet not only did not make money, but also the loss of money. Assume。 Should we do the same as making money?. The answer is no, indeed, we should find out what they are good at and learn from them in the case of success. Look, why did they fail?. So find your way.

as the network Wangzhuan this piece of cake, now the points are points, we have to do is what. That’s competition, we want to see who does better. As the saying goes: competition is the driving force, take now Wangzhuan industry. Cheat in cheating. A deceitful trick. Wangzhuan industry is a mess. How can you make money?.

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