EFriendsNet online banking system failure, not timely account remittanceYang Wenjian how do earn $

a new forum should be developed and the best way to promote it is >

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

League address: http://s.money.yeeyoo/

I take the promotion is to go to sh419, love bar, post promotion. The effect of the old lord ShanTie as can be imagined. Later, I think of a good way, when I am in the bar, see the popularity of a good post. Just use his sh419 account to sign up for ID at my sister’s love forum, using my web site, such as www.ty09.cn. Then use the registered ID to reprint his article to my forum. Then the polite message: Hello, I love watching you in Post Bar writing is very good, I take the liberty in without your permission before reprint your article to Jiedi forum, and give you a registered ID: Yang Wenjian in his Post Bar Jiedi ID, password: www.ty09.cn. For the security of your account, please login your love ID forum and change your password. This trick is very effective, many friends received the message I sent them, have landed on my sister and love forum. And many friends have become loyal members of the forum.

I was talking to a girl who was older than me, chatting on , talking about the so-called "love between brothers and sisters". So I said that I would supplement the blank spot in this market and establish the first sister and sister network. The system uses DISCUZ+SUPESITE. With every web site of your life, you’re excited and confused. I knew there was SEO, but I couldn’t do anything about the high-tech work.

due to the industrial and commercial banking system failure, so today can not be real-time to the account, please forgive me. The remittance will be made to you next Monday.

can not apply, because they want the development of website construction, and I learn the direction of application software. So I moved from application development to website advice, learning ASP.NET. After studying for a while, want to build a website yourself. I do not know what is the original search, search to the network forum, then search DISCUZ! Forum, after careful study found, do not develop their own system, the network system has a lot of free function is perfect for my choice.

maybe you will ask me, you originally positioning yourself is a programmer, and then how to go to the website construction of personal webmaster Road, perhaps by chance, or may be inevitable. Once I saw a small ad service website, the technical staff to develop a website function plug-in, see advertising, I am particularly excited, feel that their learning will eventually play a role. So to apply for, and later learned that recruitment is our school’s two senior. To communicate with them, they talk about all aspects of the network technology and form. At that time, sh419 just launched sh419 know this product, a brother said I know Mr sh419 is a good product, a perfect answer to the search results that cannot be obtained by. Brother Mr wisdom hurt me deeply, I think one day I will be stronger than you.

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