Eight tips online storeThe shlf1314 search page adds video ads for on-demand payment

Convenient and practical

compared with the traditional business model, online business has a low cost, high efficiency, low risk, flexible and Ke >? Chinese survey of small and medium-sized enterprises in 001 years, the average cost of the company’s sales person starts at least 50 thousand yuan in net. But on the Internet, the cost may be just a phone call. Of course, the online shop is not a big and no harm, the service has always been its soft underbelly, such as integrity, security issues, logistics issues. At present, the biggest problem of online trading is the establishment of trust.

shlf1314, vice president of search products and user experience, Marissa Mayer, said in an interview that the changes were sparse in the evolution of shlf1314 pages. Last year, shlf1314 launched a new search experiment product called Universal Search, which integrates pictures, videos, information and other information into a page.

at present, using the network business mainly has two forms: one is the "online shop", entrepreneurs own, namely the establishment of an own sales site, or directly in the related electronic commerce website registered a shop, he is responsible for the purchase, sale, and sale through online transaction form. Another way is to "join online", namely the use of the electronic commerce website matrix, leasing commercial facade and obtain the business license, and then through professional training and signed the relevant agreement, can sell goods parent website. The sales profits are divided according to the agreement. By comparison, the former is the majority, with more than 50 thousand new virtual stores on eBay last year.

, she said, "text ads on the search results page are more attractive than videos without pictures.".

opening shop Raiders

today’s Internet era, the city quietly rising a living group – "online gold rush"". These people although not large sums of money, but sitting at home in front of the computer to use the Internet as a pleasurable occupation when the boss, "fashion business".

in the initial establishment of online stores, it is best to conduct a variety of research, select both for their product characteristics and personal interests of operators, but also >

has a great potential for entrepreneurship on the Internet

online shopping has become increasingly prominent, from the perspective of development, with the growing number of Internet users as the basis, with the gradual breakthrough in the development of e-commerce, network credit, electronic payment and delivery logistics bottlenecks, online business prospects will be more broad.

advertisers don’t pay extra for ads in the video, at the same price as clicking on text ads. But in video advertising, users click to watch, which requires advertisers to pay fees, regardless of whether the user enters the advertiser’s Web site.

this will make shlf1314 enhance advertisers’ brand image, especially over traffic leading to its website. But Ms. Mayer says that shlf1314 will not change the original intent of advertising that needs to be relevant to user searches.

on Tuesday, shlf1314 began testing video ads on some search results pages. shlf1314 is also developing pictures, interactive maps, menus and other formats of advertising.

builds a website for its own merchandise sales business. This model requires a certain initial investment, but also to understand certain network technology, the process of publicity and promotion costs are higher. You can also be settled in large-scale online mall, such as NetEase mall, Sina mall, eBay and so on, this model of early start of ordinary investors use more. The advantage of this model is that it is very popular and does not require much upfront investment.

shlf1314, and its largest video site for users to submit videos, YouTube, is experimenting with video advertising. Video ads on the search results page are currently being tested on a small scale.

shlf1314’s attitude toward advertising is "love and hate", with shlf1314 advertising revenues of up to $16 billion per year. But on its most important page, the search results page, there are only a few words of simple advertising. The situation will change.

at first, the user won’t feel obvious because the video will not be displayed immediately. Including video ads, there will be a " +" a small button, the user clicks button will see a small video player to play advertising. Ms. Mayer says shlf1314 will try to add thumbnail images of advertising videos.

data show that: China 10 million 650 thousand people had to buy goods on the Internet, Internet users accounted for 31.6% of the total Chinese, the proportion of Internet users in developed countries and individual users of e-commerce have been very close to the proportion of. In 2003, the amount of online transactions in China reached 204 billion yuan, up 190% from 2002. Visible, just a few years, "online business" this unique model has been from scrappy to at large when.

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