Zhang Zhaoyang recalls Entrepreneurship Sohu, Sina has considered mergersWeChat business get through

was in the country to do yinghaiwei Zhang Shuxin is a journalist, love marketing and publicity, to "shuozihuashengcun" author Negroponte to China, at the time of the great American celebrity professor is a great thing to go to Chinese. Someone told her I could invite, but she never believed it. Why would Negroponte’s great man invest me?

, founder of technology, Inc., Ma Qiang, is using the WeChat platform to implant the "law + Mobile Internet" model. According to Ma Qiang introduction, the current through the WeChat "micro public account law" to achieve legal advice on one, and with the help of this platform, users can also according to their own needs, the legal document download required, through online query to find the right lawyer, even his phone rang. At present, more than 200 times a day on average consultation, behind the pairing of lawyers has more than 20 thousand, fans have more than 70 thousand.

DreamWorks media investment director Lv Zirui told reporters that the essence of entrepreneurship in WeChat’s certainly not as a marketing channel, but with the help of this platform to the target audience to bring fast and convenient service experience. "The user’s cost of talking about a public account and talking to it is very low. Similarly, the start-up team according to its own characteristics, access to WeChat custom interface threshold is much lower, there is no so-called Application Audit link, these features are important reasons for entrepreneurs to value WeChat." He said.

looking for a way out,

because I’ve been waiting for the internet. At that time Chinese is rawish subculture in the United States, I realized the game in the United States, and I think the Internet is too great, so I want to return home. At the end of 95, China was considered a very backward third world country, and it was a crazy thing to return home at that time. Then, at the end of 95, I carried the broken box and returned home with one thousand dollars a month’s salary.

is a common WeChat account, behind the imagination of how much? Send a location or flight number, these public accounts will reply to you around the restaurant, around 3 kilometers of traffic information, the corresponding flight information…… There are hotel reservations, tickets, buy, and so on, these are now in WeChat can be achieved.

WeChat large aim easy

95 years ago I did postdoctoral research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, at that time many students feel lonely, to marry early and having a stable life, daily home life or go to the laboratory study, soon to get PHD. Unlike them, I spent a lot of time playing, causing me to take PHD a little longer, but bad things turned out to be good.


borrow arrows with thatched boats

following Zhang Zhaoyang share part at the scene, because the original long, Sina technology has selection and deletion of:


, Sohu, CEO, Zhang Zhaoyang,

, at the end of 96, I finally helped ISI build a good shelf. I had to start my own business. I went to MIT to talk to some professors, such as Negroponte, whose first successful financing was in October 96, with the first capital of $about 200000.

technology news February 1st morning news, Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang, CEO Wang Zhidong last night to click on the science and Technology Museum of finance academy "quack" salon, and share the stories of the early Internet business in the field, Zhang Zhaoyang said the Sohu and Sina had the opportunity to merge, and he was through an early start of the propaganda borrow arrows with thatched boats located. Sohu early market brand publicity strategy.

later for such a seminar, Department of Electronics was opened several times seminars, yinghaiwei also pay special attention to this matter, they light the market will gathered 40 people to organize it, and specially sent a car to the airport to meet Negroponte, and foreign express is, Negroponte >

but at the time I returned to help friends to do online financial services, the specific mode is the search of financial information to the Wall Street, then in Poland, Russia, India, China have a branch to his collection of world economic information to Wall Street investment, the Internet is the transmission tool, the company referred to as ISI. I told my friend, "I’ll help you for a year, but then I’m going to start my own business.".

Ma Qiang told reporters, in the tentacles of the mobile Internet is not simply the development of APP, but he moved to WeChat, the biggest reason is that law is sporadic and elastic just, in the absence of such demand, even if the installed APP application and relevant laws would not think to use it, this type of application is easy to be submerged, and WeChat is relatively more flexible, clear and simple user experience to help users more easily find the resources you want.

since the second half of last year, after WeChat opened the public platform, many sharp entrepreneurs have smelled the opportunities of traditional industries and WeChat intersection. Entrepreneurs actively and enthusiastically, naturally attract the eyes of capital. The gold seed venture capital will set their own WeChat business investment fund, in the past 9 months, the average monthly investment fund to 1~2 project pace. The gold seed venture capital founder Dong Jiangyong told the "First Financial Daily reporters, WeChat public open platform is a casual thing, but now it seems many business projects have been accomplished.

Dong Jiangyong appears in the WeChat business opportunities from three aspects, and promote the dishes according to ascending order: WeChat has 1. basic services complement aspects; 2. WeChat open platform application; 3. WeChat data and open platform.

The origin of the


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