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facing the traditional industry and non-traditional industries increasingly blurred boundaries, Ctrip created by the business model in a timely manner to grasp the traditional Chinese tourism enterprises unfamiliar with the Internet’s new technology opportunities. "As the Internet, Ctrip can be said to be a new type of industry, but it is to solve the problem and travel agencies are similar. Because Ctrip itself is a tourist service enterprise, and the Internet is only its carrier."

many friends took a look at my Jinshan typing through the download station, open feel very disdain, not a page, not a few connections, is not a simple combination of HTML pages,

in this case, the station is more and more weak, the station is on the path to defeat. What station does not have enough space for profit, how to support many users to access the download station? Not enough users start accessing, how can the development of

I was one of the webmaster earlier into my download market segmentation, Kingsoft typeeasy download station was also in the sky, Doctor, Pacific and other software download station for market share, quietly built along the way.

Shen Napeng believes that successful business models and highly successful teams are essential to the successful operation of any company. "Ctrip from start to profit, we used a few hundred

, Shen Napeng and others carefully designed the development path of Ctrip, including the exit mechanism of investors. Even as the single largest shareholder, Shen Napeng also did not follow the routine as CEO, but according to his experience advantage as president and CFO. as ctrip development more and more like a tourism enterprises, tourism enterprises have the background of Fan Min to succeed Liang Jian as a timely chapter ctrip CEO. Shen Napeng’s business goal is to find to have a business model of adhesion. "This includes extensibility. When the scale effect of Ctrip develops, you will see that its gross profit margin is constantly rising. With the establishment of the brand, customer loyalty will naturally increase. In this way, the growth of its profitability is sustainable and fully anticipated."


More and more ?

, to be exact, to make money,

in this context, software segmentation market began to gradually pay water.

yes, it’s really a couple of simple HTML combinations. But this is just the surface! I have been emphasizing the user experience, only allows users to feel convenient, feel useful, he will often browse, recommend a friend also spontaneous my site to browse, download! Through word-of-mouth style propaganda, to attract IP, attract flow point.

brand promotion uses these a few action, July activity is reduced 500-1000 yuan

initial stage, they even do a psychological preparation, that is, for a long period of time, business trip may not afford to sit business class, but Ctrip did not let them down.

download site, Download Antivirus, Office Downloads and single download station began to run its course, in the new station, in front of the station with the development.

reputation propaganda advantage is not to say, if you believe a friend told you so around the site is good, the next thing is fast, convenient and so on when the words, I believe you will not download this station landing. But this time, download station has begun to appear profitable! Although the amount of money is just a smile, a few hair! However, please remember the words: "quantitative qualitative change!" when you > reached a certain number

in the current site, more and more software download site, the download station is Ming Dao for robbery. In this powerful market, profit decreases download station. And many small download stations in order to be able to get more profits, instant abandon the user experience, full station hanging advertising. The most user disgust is that these ads completely integrated in the site, click several times’ download ‘word, but always can not find the software you need.

for Kingsoft pass through this software, I believe that many webmaster friends have used, basically use this software to exercise their typing speed, so that their typing speed beyond 120 words per minute…… Even to the legendary 200 words per minute, for Kingsoft typing through the powerful, I will not say here, a brief introduction, but for you to understand the profits of a single market.

was founded in 2005, Sequoia Capital China fund Shen Napeng, both entrepreneurs and investors dual identity, which led to his project success probability is quite high.

At the beginning of ? , if Economy Inn Hotel is successful send to American Nasdaq, the pace of life of Shen Napeng is destined to come faster than before. As one of the most famous American venture capital fund Chinese Sequoia Capital Sequoia Capital China founding partner, need every day uninterrupted screening investment object from every kind of business plan, and then examine appointments, eventually determines the number of investment targets.

1999, with rich investment banking experience Shen Napeng and Liang Jianzhang, who together with the initial investment of 2 million yuan, launched ctrip. Previously, he worked in the investment banking division of Deutsche Bank, Citibank and other institutions for more than 8 years.

Shen Napeng attracted attention, began in December 2003, Ctrip’s successful listing in the United states. Listed on the same day, Ctrip’s share price rose 15.94 U.S. dollars compared to the issue price, or up to 88.56%. Not only set off a wave of China’s online enterprises second wave of overseas listing, but also let Shen Napeng and his entrepreneurs worth double.

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