Online education company eats grass root, make burst!What is the latest policy for the industrial an

Since the beginning of April 1st, the three industrial and commercial bureau of

first, the focus of the government is to attract investment, but the government did not nest, eager to open the new male registration, do not want to enter xiongan like a swarm of bees, three counties of the original foundation can not adapt;



Xing Shuai how can not forget the first day in YY lecture situation. Although only 10 students, but shy of him still nervous, and with a strong Shandong accent, lectures, stuttering. "People do not understand, 10 students have 9 fathers eight generation to Aguirre, scolded again." Online students emotional expression is so direct, slightly rude students will directly on the public screen shouting "roll."". He was hit hard, but he was relieved that the only student who did not swear was a partner.

But because of the male

secondly, the focus of the three county governments is not to attract investment, and the focus of the examination is definitely not this, so the county government >

in fact, the original training in YY more than Xing Shuai a family. Most Xiaodaxiaonao belonging to the non brand operation. Many organizations in order to win over customers free to share courses, team work ability in the absence of income state soon lost gradually YY. Perhaps it is a grassroots network Xing Shuai college brand in the rise of YY, let YY CEO Li Xueling aware of the lucrative online education. In June 2011, the "YY education" was officially established, and the education channel became the third key brand independent of YY games and YY entertainment. After that, the Chinese figure, in public, the Chinese government, New Oriental online, Shanghai river network, sea words and other institutions have settled YY, look forward to from the "

Anxin area just set up three xiongan Industrial and Commercial Bureau xiongan County three county market supervision and Management Bureau froze business registration including change. Today 20170615 every two months, did not open signs as business services leading, is an all male county district three point service Pu Lan show, for this policy research and attention, responsibility, here are interested in advertising xiongan venture investors to share the common LAN show it summarized the latest summary xiongan registration policy, for reference only, for reference only, for reference only.

, that’s a tough question to answer. The new government has not yet established xiongan or xiongan temporary Party committee and the Preparatory Committee, located in Rongcheng Aowei Road No. 100 building Aowei

the Preparatory Committee should be busy with stability, planning, research, demolition, personnel and other aspects, it is estimated that commercial registration will not take into account this, at least not important work.

during that time, Xing Shuai got up at 8 every morning to start teaching, and only one student on YY channel had to persist. Generally speaking, at 12 in the evening, after class, often prepare lessons until four or five in the morning, 3 hours rest, continue classes. In this process, life is very tight, half the time every day eating 2 big cake, buy a bag of instant noodles are considered a luxury. A year to do more than 30 thousand yuan training fees, planing to operate and labor costs, basically do not make money.


p lan Si show group venture Chamberlain chief expert, male new investment and Entrepreneurship Research Institute senior researcher Chen Peifeng

Xing Shuai has always felt that software training can be done, because students are increasing every day. And other training institutions on the YY is different: Xing Shuai on the first day of charges. Although each person’s training fee is only 10 yuan, but in the "Internet free" era, once charged, will be treated as a liar. Thus, Xing Shuai every day pondering how to enhance the teaching ability, so that students trust themselves more. Think constantly about how to increase student retention rates and guide users in the course of lectures.


, the gaunt, 80 – year-old bald headed guy, is named Xing, who is named after his own network academy. He started to teach in the group by Photoshop software, then moved to YY education channel 7621, has opened a graphic design, web design, video post, 3D architecture, 3D animation, e-commerce and other 32 skill courses, breaking the cycle of online education does not make money. 2010 turnover of only 1 million yuan, in 2011 to achieve 30 million yuan, in 2012 directly across to 60 million yuan, this year is expected to break through the 100 million mark.

I think so:

Industrial and Commercial Bureau on the current Xiongxian stock has set up enterprises can be allowed to change including all registered items change, Rongcheng, two new counties still cannot change the stock of old enterprises.

new registered male three counties have not yet released, you say when the new district can be newly registered enterprises,

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county have stopped business registration, and neither new nor changed.

three counties in accordance with the latest policies have called the market supervision and Administration Bureau, for the convenience of understanding, I still call the trade and Industry Bureau, on behalf of the market supervision and administration bureau.

, its founder is cock wire, the user is cock wire, the teacher is also cock wire, there is a 20 year old signing teacher, annual salary has been million.

xiongan District plains thunder, turned out, this is the head of the central No. 1 project, national affairs, Millennium plan.

since the establishment of the new district since April 1st, has aroused nationwide concern, the majority of investment entrepreneurs, the prospects for a good male security, are eager to try to invest in male security, entrepreneurship, male security.


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