Yang soft soft text promotion skills, can not just rely on brute force

basically all webmaster know, soft Wen is to promote the site of the necessary means. However, there are often webmaster asked me, obviously wrote a lot of soft text to promote the website, why still no obvious effect?. Some are beginning to have effect, but a few days later, with the soft gradually sink to the bottom, this article will bring IP plummeted to zero. In this case, it does not bring value at all.

then, some people say, "the soft text as the promotion of Web site approach is not advisable", "at best, soft Wen can only improve the website temporary visit quantity" and so on. In fact, these are just because the promotion methods are too rigid. Nothing in the world is immutable. If you can’t use it flexibly, the good teaching material is just a pile of waste paper.

if we rely solely on their own efforts, difficult to write their original. It is likely that after many years, nothing has been accomplished.

actually, we can think about it from a different angle, since I can’t write or write slowly. So what resources can I exchange with others? You LOGO do it quickly and well, and I write it quickly and well. OK, then we’ll exchange, and now we two are both quick and good. This is the same thing as the original barter. It’s easy to understand, and someone may actually do it.

"Three Character Classic", "one and ten, ten and 100, 100 and 1000…" If you feel like this is still slow and you want to hurry up, then move on. "What resources do you have that you can swap with a lot of people?" if so, your 1 would be 2, 3, 100, and more…

recently, Jiang Likun, who pushes a web site, is doing so. Jiang Likun has an original view of promoting and building brands, so he carried out his personal brand building course free of charge so that some of the fans who met the requirements would receive training in brand building. Training members of some training notes, and so again become a soft text. And it will bring more prosperous popularity for a push. Will eventually achieve win-win goal, but also will bring more connections to the river. In this way, his resources have played a greater role in exchange for more value.

most webmaster write a better 800 words, pure original, usually 2-3 hours. Soft Wen writer also want 1 hours or so. If so, it will take a lot of time and effort for the webmaster. If you ask a writer to write it, you’ll need to spend 50-300 more. So many webmaster can not soft stick to go on. This time, we should be flexible, so that more people write your soft text, so that more Adsense reprint your article. Turn your 1 into 1000, please.

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