Novice friends talk about the experience of standing a month

it’s been a month since the beginning of the station, and during this month, I feel I’ve learned a lot.

did the station and took me into a new world. I just started doing it. I felt like I had more money, so I gave up my job and did it. NET paid more than 1 thousand, finished eating, even drinks do not dare to drink, let alone buy clothes.

started doing, think very simple, is to do web site, this most people will, and has become mainstream, then secretly from hi, he found a good way to make money!


later when the whole heart into the time, only to find it difficult to stand, but also to understand what is inside the chain, what is the chain, what is SEO,


then, looking for information, ask friends, every night, every day, bed, time difference, the original, make money also have technology, perseverance,


slowly, more and more attention to do standing, more and more regard it as an essential part of life, but unfortunately traffic is not coming!


through data to understand, new sites are generally into sand box, no traffic is normal, just included to a better ranking, and down to one hundred and eight thousand miles to go,


but, do stand, rely on is the flow, no traffic, that’s white,


then began to study SEO, from blind, confused to their own can do some basic optimization, do bridge page, page optimization, cited GOOGLE spider!


finally, after a month of hard work, the new station is finally picking up, the search engines have included, in 2 days, I was doing the cooking game keyword (not to say the name of the station, to say, is not good, ha ha), Baidu is now ranked 24, GOOGLE ranked 34 and this is a good sign, not dare to do the game, because the competition is too intense, small game keywords, Baidu, GOOGLE are up to more than 100 ~! Watching from the search engine in the flow of every day, although this flow even if the change of money, also a few cents, 1 yuan less than, but the heart is very satisfied! ~

although I now only a new novice, but I still want to be friends of the station and the beginning said, don’t give up, don’t feel tired, I don’t have very tired, I was wronged, I pity the idea, each station is from the large do, do fine

from fan!

should be in good shape and long-term vision,

ha ha, delay everyone’s time, sorry Oh, QQ:83526157 interested friends talk about

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