Site site can not find the home page, first from their own reasons

saw a lot of people are saying that site can not find the problem of the home page, I also put my station from normal to find the home page, and then come back to share the experience, we hope to study together.

I set up the time last December, when nothing understood, applied for domain name, in the Internet to find a classified information procedures, the site on-line. And so on, probably less than a month, the site was included. At that time my website called Weifang information network, but later found the link when Weifang information network has said how others disaster caused by flooding water, Weifang is the information network to exchange links? I will go to the Baidu search, and the information of Weifang it is too much, big and small, old and new. So I decided to change the title of the web site in this condition, and combined with my domain name, I decided to change to Weifang network. In this way, I changed the title of the website, not a few days, I found slowly website keywords ranking down, and then can not find, but at this time, site is still home.

at the same time, I advertised for free on a local K forum for instant success. Speaking of this advertising industry is purely their own greed for profit, so that Baidu completely to my stand. The site forum is to find the home page, and then I see they have free advertisements and then contact them to the administrator of an ad, the idea was to make a picture, do not take the link, can allow users to see good, do not look to the search engines. As a result, the ad was put on, and as I was gloating, the problem reappeared. The administrator of this forum doesn’t know why I changed my advertisement to the address of my website with all the posts (including replies). The tragedy happened, a new station suddenly increased thousands of tens of thousands of the chain, or appear in a K station. Alas! I don’t want to, the station was K. Site when the home page disappeared, keyword ranking is gone.

the next day is dark, every day on the Internet looking for information, to A5 post for help, in the A5 forum quickly got the webmaster reply: adhere to update, remove bad chain, control the chain growth. So, I follow the old Adsense experience, updated every day, check out some bad links, certainly is the advertising industry early removed, and then more weight with a few stations exchange links. Now my station site has restored the home page, the website several key words rank is also good. Finally tell those site can’t find the webmaster of home page: appear this kind of problem, please first find the reason from yourself, don’t covet small profit to increase the bad chain, don’t try to improve the website weight through cheating. Keep up to date. I think the search engine is fair to every station.

source of this article Admin5 first Weifang net reprinted please indicate the source.

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