Webmaster friends do your website, insist on

is really a webmaster do stand really hard, I was in the IT, the Internet understanding also said in the past, but on the network this thing, always feel mysterious and I love it the myriads of changes, slowly, every day to deal with it.

I work in the day

foreign trade company, is responsible for the network on the one hand, work back to the dormitory or facing the computer, because it is an important part of my life, I love it, pay more attention to it, I think I can do what. So I chose the station yourself, is to do, can do what, for whom, for what are not mature, and at first I want to do that, do the station, still without any success, pay attention to every day people who share the experience of stationmaster net success I can only envy, thought his naive success, also give it some day unknown to the public owners to provide help and support, until one day, I put the first portal to my birth. To my friends and classmates with them on my website has opened your presence, they give me a lot advice and support to IP in a violent rise, that is how happy and a sense of achievement achievement.

However, with the increase in IP and

increase in popularity, the headache is the space is not stable, one day my clients in minutes, give me the message is on, but through this, I realized that, virtual host selection, is a very painful thing for anyone, especially to do friends of the station requirements of space stability, so I secretly determined, my website must solve this problem.

this problem resolved quickly, but the site visits per day seemed to increase little, but I read a lot of information website optimization, such as keywords, I also asked a lot of the master, they gave me a lot of help, one day direct customers to call me in your website advertising is how to collect fees all of a sudden, I do not know how to answer, my heart secretly pleased my Wangzhuan life began, I took my pursuit of more trendy technology, is to provide users with convenient, the application should be for the user experience, this is the station not partial moment.

so you do want to insist to stand, you may be halfway rough, may Everything is going smoothly., but no matter what the situation, as long as you look for direction, thinking this is just my direction of stumbling, it makes us grow I the only way which must be passed, more fruit, we must go beyond it.

I wish you all an early success!!!


recently worked with a friend on a website (http://s.youxi-520.cn/).

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