Subscribe to the number of ideas used to do service number, a dead end!!

I’m not alarmist, many students in mind is a paste, apply for a service, but the operation is thinking of the subscription number that, for a subscription, but operational thinking is entirely a service number for that one, feel shy of these two kinds of circumstances, to the final outcome, is a dead end!! (you are special public operations novice, please take the time to read the following article. If you are already a master, just ignore it!)


WeChat public number is divided into: service number, subscription number, enterprise number, three categories. Service number and subscription number have very strong marketing value, so we study micro marketing mainly in time and effort in these two aspects. And enterprise number is to do enterprise internal staff information communication and communication, as well as upstream and downstream business information channel, belong to the internal management system and platform, basically I don’t speak this piece.

The focus of the

service number is to provide the most direct and effective service to its members and users.

such as shopping, booking, such as ordering, such as prepaid payment and so on, have a strong development function, interface and open access is the largest, so why can open WeChat payment service number, subscription number and not.

The focus of the

subscription number is to provide the article information to its users and subscribe to it. The key word is reading and reading.

For example,

news, such as Wikipedia, for example, such as their skills dry cargo insights and experience sharing and so on, so why subscription number application conditions can be completely liberalized, any individual can apply; so why subscription number every day sending 1 messages to subscribe your public number of users.

service number, straightforward,

bluntly, service number is to send promotional information, do activities, advertising, do not tell you about my equivocate, service number is that my fans, or of my products and brands have a certain degree of trust, if not, you pay attention to me, today, I next time push information, your mobile phone will tone, will appear in your WeChat the first layer of the chat window, you will feel bother you, for you, is a kind of harassment, you will not hesitate to immediately cancel the attention (this is a dead end).

subscription number, euphemism, lingering

in fact, the subscription number in the Tencent official’s original idea is that these subscription numbers can be like a blog, providing a variety of information, information sharing. But then by the public number operators play bad, the subscription number as a traffic entrance, as an important tool for the promotion of micro channel and drainage and stores and other resources, so it has a strong marketing value, of course, this is also I advocate a subscription number operation thinking.

no matter how the operator changes, the root of the subscription number is still there, and the official will not change his position

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