The B2B2C business model studies the relationship between control and loss of control

C2C is undoubtedly the freest mode. But freedom has a price, and that is out of control. C2C e-commerce platform, such as Taobao will have fake problems, C2C information platform, such as micro-blog, there will be rumors. As consumers, enjoy cheap and rich goods, we must beware of fakes, enjoy the sharp and plump speech, we must beware of rumors. As a producer, can freely enter the market means to fight fake, can speak freely with the means to face the public and bloody street and call. Therefore, some people naturally want to sacrifice certain freedom, and obtain certain security and order. That’s the origin of B2B2C.

a debt is a debt. Before you talk about B2B2C, it’s necessary to clean up the origins of e-business models. Start with the original B2C.

B2C is the most natural model in electronic commerce. To sell goods online, that is, online WAL-MART. In the form of network media, B2C is the portal mode represented by YAHOO. The similarity is that B is responsible for C. Although all goods from different enterprises, but are selected by WAL-MART, WAL-MART pricing, money is paid to WAL-MART, the transaction is completed in WAL-MART’s store. The same is true of YAHOO. Although the information comes from different traditional media, they are chosen by YAHOO’s editors, YAHOO’s location, eyeballs attracted to YAHOO’s pages, and ads on YAHOO’s page.

in short, this is one to many. Rigorous screening and control. In essence, this is not the internet.

, the C2C represented by eBay and Taobao, is another set of logic for e-commerce. This is no longer a WAL-MART, but a Wangfujing. We get together together, but the open the shop, the various attract guests, selling their own things, and then to Wangfujing or pay eBay through rental housing or street advertising form. In the field of network media, this is the micro-blog model represented by Twitter. EBay and Twitter are a portal, but the customer to enter the portal, directly with a store where such as Lenovo or a blogger like Cheng Ling Feng trading. This person will say I bought a Lenovo computer instead of eBay, will say that I am not a fan of Twitter Cheng Ling feng. Unless Lenovo, fraud, or Cheng Lingfeng disinformation, eBay and Twitter will not drive us out. In fact, if a lot of Lenovo and Cheng Lingfeng fake and disinformation, it is difficult to drive us out.

, this is a form of many to many. In essence, is also the most Internet temperament model.

B2B2C, represented by Tmall, is a compromise between the two extremes of B2C and C2C. The two extremes have their advantages and disadvantages. B2C platform, buyers rest assured, because sellers must protect the quality of goods. And since to protect the quality, then the audit of the supply must be serious, you can only pick suitable for

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