Grassroots need to understand the new model of the nternet, but not all of them

Internet has enough important position in people’s life, in addition to its inherent convenience, innovation speed is also a very important weight, because it can make you more fresh, it soon became synonymous with the internet. In today’s Internet in the new term is a product may emerge in an endless stream, and also may be a business model, in a lot of new things into the center of the stage, and then gradually withdraw from the central, there are new things coming in again and again, just on the Internet this change seems to be more faster.

is also thought that the congenital advantage of the Internet has, let countless people dig into something of value through the Internet, so many to start to some or all of the energy into the internet. Through these years of practice, we can also find that the Internet has indeed achieved a lot of people, so that they can become a social and upper class from the grassroots. Because of this, only attracted many grassroots to join them to pursue their dreams of success. However, the reality is far better than imagined, in reality, in addition to a few from the Internet to obtain their desired results, more is not satisfactory, even struggling.

causes many people to fail to succeed in many ways, but the whole result may be determined by the laws of nature. In many cases we often put these grassroots not my success in some objective factors, such as us no money, no connections, no technology and so on; but everything inside is equally important, but few people would have guessed it. We can find that when we are doing grassroots Internet, we have paid a lot of effort. We have learned a lot from this process, and we have done a lot of work. But the success we have achieved is very limited.

The resources and capabilities of

grassroots are very limited, but when they do things, they always think about the means of being very tall, and they always learn the successful patterns to accomplish their own affairs. I found myself doing what I did and didn’t find out what I did wrong, but it turned out to be very different from the others. We are always kept in the latest collection of Internet, always try to sort out some new products or the sequence of events, this point is certainly worthy of recognition, because the Internet is to see the development of the situation; but the worst thing is when we heard that immediately follow the Internet which model began to fire up. As a result, perhaps a month to change thinking, or change patterns, the result unconsciously found that many years, but nothing.

so I think the grassroots need to understand the new model of the Internet, but not all of it. We can understand the new mode of Internet or new products, mining valuable to ourselves from them, and then go to the practice of our own, so maybe one day our own model is the object for others to follow, this means that the success of their own. In fact, I believe a lot

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