From salt panic to see, the crowd psychological guidance can help the website to do promotion

Hello, I’m Muzi in the boat. Just today in the Tencent today’s special column, see such an article "herd – the moon go, I also go", feeling very well written. This article is about today’s hot spot: grab salt. Love is the author in the sentence: Generally speaking, superstition to spread rumors, they belong to the kind of collusion. But there is an evil "accomplice" can not escape, that is, conformity.


herd mentality has been embedded in the hearts of the Chinese people since ancient times, not to mention the rumors of the ancient times. The most typical example is the SARS for 03 years, remember the Berserk radix and vinegar, the article use the above sentence at that time should be a scene like this: from the wild firecrackers to mung bean soup from Radix Isatidis to panic buying swept supermarket; from Beijing to Inner Mongolia, from Hebei to Shaanxi. From Guangdong to Henan, from Tianjin to Ningxia, superstition and blind obedience tide swept north and south become fashionable for a time, panic buying. It all stems from our own lack of security and mistrust of external information. Just because of the nuclear leak caused by the small Japan earthquake, the event could have done great harm to the Chinese people, plus some good and bad rumours: "iodized salt can protect against nuclear radiation.". So salt prices rose, people also followed the crazy, panic buying troops swept across the country.

people’s herd mentality is quite horrible, "buy a grocery store", "grab salt rush into small merchants" jokes don’t have to say it. Some traders believe can be thought of hoarding, malicious hoarding some salt to sell, to eventually fell very reluctantly cut out even the tragic ending. Chinese has always believed in the philosophy of life is: no matter what is not, do not want to know what’s going on, always hold "prefer to believe them, not credible mentality, only care about their own can rely on these false delusions to overcome this disaster seems very serious"". In fact, the Chinese people’s disaster is not a "salt" problem, nor is it the issue of nuclear radiation, the Chinese people’s biggest disaster is ideological problems.

from the herd mentality, you right, maybe you didn’t know, but you must be clear as soon as possible, don’t see someone rob salt in rob salt you go, if you will go to others to rob robbery? Must as soon as possible to get rid of the negative impact of the conformity to you, don’t let the herd psychological harm hurt family harm society. So much talk from psychological problems, I’m not here to criticize our lovely Chinese people, I am very patriotic, because of the deep love is the pain of cutting, my personal energy is small, influence is also very weak, you may not listen to me, but I still want to say with you sound: salt is not a problem, the problem is the heart.

I am a marketing staff, think of the Chinese people’s fear of conformity, I’m thinking of me

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