tBuLu what does the phoenix nest program bring to our webmaster

saw many posts last night at some of SEO’s forums to discuss whether to stay up late and wait for 12.1 of Baidu’s updates. Indeed, every time Baidu update, changes have brought the passions to our webmaster; our countless days and nights of struggle or cast to waste or bring the harvest. As far as I know, Baidu’s "phoenix nest" should be formally launched on line 5. Yesterday, it couldn’t enter the backstage operation. Description from the formal line into the countdown state. For our webmaster should how to face every change of Baidu, and the new system algorithm. Itbulu personally believes that the summary has the following points:

first, we’re attached to Baidu. We do not have the courage and ability of Ma Yun, we only have to do Chinese website, only rely on Baidu, can only change with his change, constantly re – do, stand, update. Because we can only give us traffic through search engines. So, we should be used, just as many birds said, just better mentality and habits.

second, what about future websites?. This problem should be a lot of people are exploring, just like a lot of people ask me to do what site to make money, I can only tell, do you know the website and content, insist on can make money. Whether you’re a local station or an industrial station, or even a garbage station.

third, standing by doing fine. The ability of individual stationmaster of our home should be very strong, I admire a person to have tens of hundreds of websites. It seems that we have continued a lot of strength, style, phoenix nest is no longer a garbage site rampant era, the site needs to do fine, do fine, do for a long time.

fourth, commercialization of personal websites. Whether it is 09 or 10 years, itbulu believes that the future of personal webmaster should be toward service, is what we call e-commerce. We have technology, we have ideas, and we have a strong executive power. Why should we give the enterprise, to the network company to perform, we can completely do a website or a team to do a website, and then to sell their products, do marketing.

I see stationmaster net is doing an investigation, what kind of income is what kind of grade, I do not think so. I think the evaluation of a webmaster has no future, or later have no future, can not care about his recent income, and care about what he is doing, what will do in the future. Can return to our often said career planning, our website also has planning. I saw a lot of people do not benefit the local site, the site covered with PW connection, we can not say that he did not return to his website, income may be limited to this, we turn to ask myself, had had the idea of how in high and vigorous spirits, in several links, several garbage links that


whether it is phoenix nest or bird nest, how do we do now, how to do later, do standing thinking can not change. Including me, we must learn to adapt and move forward together.

above is my personal point of view, no matter whether Baidu has changed or not

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