How does nternet Co do holiday operations Give the strawberry Music Festival a nternet Co rating

Wen / Yang Miao copycat conference founder

yesterday at the strawberry Music Festival hot day, t-miao feeling quite simple (not feeling!), under the arrangement of ideas, share some. In addition, the students who are planning to go today, please take me to the end of the text. There are some practical suggestions for participating in the music festival. It might be useful to look before you start.

do not know is not affected by the SXSW (SSW Festival) the effects of recreational activities of various domestic Internet Co, most get together like strawberry Music Festival (last year also pan chaos inventory "sponsored by 51 Music Festival, why mobile Internet Co are only love?"). T-miao yesterday at the scene also saw a lot of Internet Co to do some activities, each with its own characteristics, then write down some thoughts, for later to do holiday operations practitioners reference to students.

before the specific review, first said two bedding. The first is about festival operations. As everyone knows, the Internet Co is no holiday, because the holidays, many users live more holidays more dependent on the Internet (this year is the mobile Internet), so most companies are planning a holiday function and festival activities. Some products festival activities on a comparison area, do things carelessly, do have a link, some companies also do on-site activities will meet on a roll of a face. If you ask them why they don’t do more sophisticated operations, the answer is usually "product function limitations"".

‘s answer, eighty percent, is true, but this functionality limits itself to a problem with the product architecture. High moral map, for example, they are strawberry Music Festival veteran sponsor, the scene also has a booth, there are some small games, but these are far from enough. More in line with the characteristics of High German products should be embedded, launched the "strawberry map", at the strawberry Music Festival official promotion publicity, so that users are familiar with the driving route, blocking point, taxi users can make an appointment to the vehicle. The site signal is not good, this map should be able to download offline, the venue of the eight stage marked, and even add a program list, if coupled with catering reservations and tickets to buy, or even a O2O.

technology is not very difficult, a map layer can be achieved, but high German is now really can not do, because they do not have this user custom, download the map function. And foreign Google, domestic Sogou can launch Spring Festival map every year, high-speed road map, that is, they launched this customization at the user level.

are so many times, students will feel operation "no Zuo no die" students, always bianzhuofaer to engage in all kinds of tricks. But from the user point of view, this is a lot of Zuo when forced, forced the product manager to make product more open, more general and more customized, can according to various scenarios, the flexibility to modify a small part of the parameters, even by the user UGC, rich and complete product function >

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