Why didn’t the subtitle group find a good business model to support them

After the

shooter was closed, the subtitle group became the focus of Internet grassroots attention again. Subtitles group members, we use in addition to admiration, or only admire?. As a web site, the archer can download subtitles without having to register, but even so, 100 thousand of the registered users are registered. I can not help but ask, 100 thousand active members, for a small team to do the website, need to create a long time? But I wonder, super curriculum claims 10 million users, the number of users is more than super table subscene, heard of Super Table people than many people have heard of the shooter network


today, we’re not talking about user problems. I would like to raise the question: why didn’t the subtitle group find a way to make money and support them?

1. is too idealistic for sharing, and there is no business model in the group’s genes,

shooter, or other subtitles platform, the only business model is advertising, and advertising is moderate, there is no mess. Perhaps the following paragraph reflects the idealism of the subtitle group members.

Those people behind the

[subtitles group: 1 in the morning to work do subtitle subtitles group members] Zola memories, 1 in the morning after work back to the rental house to see the subtitles group picture are lit, suddenly feel not so hard. The caption group, cannot be accessed from November 21st "YYeTs" website news network, for they sang the "song", the attitude of their own is not abandoned, do not give up.

What they have in

is the idealistic feeling that the society has lost. And it is this kind of mood that has bound the subtitle group to commercialization. There is no business model in the idea of subtitle group members. Sharing is natural and should be free of charge, paid for sharing, not shared, called sales, and can not be bought and sold. The group refuses to commercialize it, even though they may know that only making money can keep it going.

2. platform leaders homogeneous feelings

is probably the person’s feelings gathered Shen Sheng also feelings of the people, but as a leader, adhere to this idealism, is destined to take all of this tomorrow, even cause tomorrow to complete self surpassing. In the Internet bubble more and more big today, down-to-earth move forward is certainly good, but refuse to connect with society, refused to create value, is also a crime. No commercial gene does not matter, because the CEO can change, founder of willing people behind the scenes for CEO to lead the company forward sometimes it is wise to real. In the end, subscene is one of the shooters, and everyone is in the process of chasing a dream ‘.

through donations, fees, membership, O2O, and educational institutions, cooperation in other areas, channels, etc., to realize the commercialization of subtitles website platform is not difficult, difficult to how to

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