The application of free product consumption inertia thinking in profit

there are two kinds of free products for consumers around us, one is willing to fight luck, the other is willing to fight character. As long as they hear where there is something free, they will go up. No matter what they need, they will find a way to get it.

but there is a very essential difference between the two categories. The former is for possession, the latter for recreation. As for product planning, we should make it clear that we are the disseminators of our character, and our luck is our consumers.

there will be a huge conflict, and we’ll analyze it later. We want to use me, called “free thinking” of consumer products, is the use of this thinking, our products may be sold.

, used to assess the worst malicious free consumer products

we are not afraid to use the worst words to expose the nature of these two kinds of people, and to fight luck is actually “petty gain”, and the fight character is “idle eggs hurt.””. Let’s imagine two women first.

A newly opened fruit supermarket on

street, as long as the sweep of his house two-dimensional code, concerned about the WeChat public number, will give an apple free of charge. One jichong ran to ask the boss, how is this sweep ah, then the point where ah, OK, OK, take away your apple. After coming back, watching the man playing games, directly pull up, you go to sweep ah, anyway, free money, do not white do not, think about myself, and then sweep, you can also get an apple, go together. What’s the point of paying attention to this? Cancel?. Pull up family and friends, next door Lao Wang, go, white take apples.

is also a woman, love every day free raffle explore micro-blog WeChat, but is free to send forwarding, attention @ friends send free, like free delivery activities and so on, one can not let go, in order to improve the winning rate, to register several number, with several mobile phone, let bestie and quasi my boyfriend, indeed, every day there are free electronic coupons, movie tickets, booking. But these things are not so important to pull, the most important thing is to grab the process inside to be happy.

in our lives, surrounded by such people. A male cock to see a home and doing free activities, the eyes show disdain emotions, “it is to deceive users, I will not be fooled.”. Anyway, it’s white, too, or take a look.” When I get it, it’s not good here. It’s bad. It wastes my time and keeps it back.

for our cock wire webmaster example more, well-known domestic first-class company launched a free application, help webmaster solve the website capacity, flow insufficient problem. For cock wire is concerned, a year to spend hundreds of ocean to buy space has been very expensive, but also for broadband, memory, traffic, capacity worry, suddenly out of such a free, without blinking on the used. It took me a while to find out, “I want to.”

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