Personal independent blog positioning

now, the blog has become a very popular network carrier, every day a large number of users in the use of their opinions, through the blog to express feelings and share their possessions and do not know each other at the same time with friends, browsing blogs to find their needs, make more friends, these is the blog bring convenience to us, make us feel comfortable and pleasant.

of course, in the blog in the ocean, there must be such a group of people, they contact the blog soon, with initial enthusiasm, in the best of spirits of its own blog, writing hard for a period of time, and then write more boring, write more to think of anything to say, that the last blog has become a burden to them, miserable. Or, they blog later all is reproduced, or even directly into the shopping website, download resources, technology forum…… All of this stuff blends into a web page, and the content of the blog becomes disorganized and not readable.

at this point, I think they have a personal blog positioning problem.

in my opinion, personal independence blog should be like an essay, there must be a clear theme, clear arguments: I called the blog location, that blog webmaster must carefully consider these questions:

1. what does your blog write about?

knows the content of the blog: prepare technical articles, prepare mood diaries, prepare travel photography records, or prepare to collect reprinted texts.

2. who does your blog write for?

you just want to satisfy your desire to write, record some of the things you’re interested in, ignore the blog, and if there’s a reader, do you have any comments? At this point your blog faces only you.

if you are ready to share your experiences, your emotions, or the skills you have, share and communicate with each other, your blog will have a certain audience…… It’s a blog for net friend.

3. how often will you write it?

how much time and energy would you like to spend on your blog? A day, a Monday, a month, or even a year?

4. is your blog ready to profit by advertising?

there are several cases:

, "blogging is entirely for profit, and for advertising profits, you can take no account of the image of blogs. I hope you can maximize the flow of RMB."

in this case, ask your blog to have a steady amount of visits, and ask you to study a lot of related knowledge, such as blog optimization, promotion ah! And my advice to you is to change the blog to a website, which is more professional.

two, "profitable", but not at the expense of blog image, pay attention to visitors’ blog feeling >

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