Several methods of linking outside station and station

do search engine optimization, all know the importance of the chain, the same access to high quality outside the chain is also very difficult. Here’s just a summary of some of the ways in which you do the connection. It’s still valid for now, in part, extracts from other people’s summaries.

this kind of article has written a lot of people, experts please skip, just sum up, in order to facilitate future work. At the same time, we would like to add and make different opinions. The following is sorted by effect and feasibility.

1. own or friend website one-way connection operation: easy effect: good

often said keyword ranking is more than the resources, if you have a relatively high weight of the website can give new one-way connection, webmaster friends more, ask friends to help put a text link, so the best effect. Of course, the premise is that you have other stations or have a good group of webmaster friends;

executive advice: one person multi station or not recommended, or more like IT teahouse such webmaster forum, more pay some webmaster friends. But the premise is not to find connection and find webmaster friends, friends should help each other.

2. link exchange operation: the effect: good

large websites even have special exchange connection personnel, can see its importance and effect. But for new sites in operation will be a certain difficulty, because it is connection exchange, mostly need the same level, if you don’t PR, no flow is difficult to find high quality connection, can only slowly.

implementation of the recommendations: early new sites do not rush to change connection, for Baidu included new sites can be connected, after the first PR update your site connection through a friend with a 2, or 3, have a certain foundation to exchange traffic will be better;

3., DIG, network forum signature operation: easy effect:

forum signature typical is behind the signature, unexpectedly also can make money, it is very effective to the collection. Fanchon and DIG though not as fire, but can be directly connected to the web site, is mainly the operation easier, is more tired. More suitable for personal webmaster;

implementation of the recommendations: to find a few big not switch network and DIG, forum posts which generate static pages, signature without jump, do not be too much to avoid being closed account, IT tea forum every day I have to delete some such account.

4. soft operation: difficult effect: good

soft effect is the best, which can increase the chain can also propaganda website, just not very good at writing for personal webmaster operation difficult, need to carefully organize the text, good article can have the effect of communication. Have seen, some webmaster in a completely irrelevant article to join the connection, this kind of without any propagation effect, can only create your blog published, the effect is also very much

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