The survival and opportunity of talent network under the financial crisis

caused by the U.S. subprime mortgage financial crisis on the global economic system have a great impact, although Chinese is relatively stable, still can let people feel the crisis has affected their life in all aspects, the impact of financial crisis on foreign trade industry is very obvious, the same network service has been no small impact.

The direct result of the

effect is the enterprise benefit is greatly reduced and the white-collar unemployment, laid-off workers, migrant workers returning home, this time when I chat with my friends, they will say: "the bridge, the financial crisis is not good for you, looking for work of many people, you do not fire Xi’an talent nets well!…" Every time I heard these words are helpless smile, they are laymen, and their explanation is useless, that all had talent network webmaster friends all know, although the need to work, looking for a job on the Internet a lot of people, but this is only a unilateral fire ah, there are enterprises gradually cooling, enterprises do not hiring, job seekers every day more then a new resume and data are useless.

I do talent network, I do not want a website traffic on the line, I sincerely hope to our website for job seekers can find suitable for their work in the shortest period of time, I would like to make their own reputation and brand, let more humanization between enterprises and individuals, to see the situation I am also very anxious, ah, I get to look for business talk, said many companies are currently only looking for one or two people, not worth the money to do the membership, I think, websites have invested so much, all of a sudden do not care for the customers, as more investment, I and those companies that you registered, I can give you VIP open membership, never again disguised charges, so they added.

I’ve been thinking, so much talent network, Xi’an local also have so many, how to find a breakthrough point? How to find a new idea? Or not enlightened, I hope you have what good ideas and suggestions can come together to exchange, I QQ1056178955

my personal thoughts at the moment is that the financial crisis is a big storm field gold, to survive in the big storm down must be very strong, certainly full of vitality, I do not want to be eliminated, I try to keep the popularity of the website, even if do not earn a penny, but also to let the site live, waiting for the economy after the recovery, we will really fire up


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