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" education will run through to a person always, with the development of society, everyone needs to receive education, and with the development of education, teachers’ examination websites have also become more and more prosperous, the author also operates a small part-time teacher exam sites, I feel kind of website to improve the teachers’ examination the core competence is very difficult, and this is also the site for up to 1 years after it established its own membership channels and channels, the author according to the characteristics of their own website with the talk about the teacher examination site a path of development, hope that the webmaster friends walk less detours.

first class teacher examination site can not forget the essence of "teacher examination", a traditional test for teachers is the so-called teacher qualification certificate, and to attract more user traffic, so we must deepen the examination for teachers, by what others do the teacher qualification certificate to our website.


1, the website must establish teachers’ examination system of knowledge, teacher is the most important to the education of psychology, so no matter what type of teachers’ qualification examination site must establish their own system of educational psychology, educational psychology review system through the complete let more friends enter the website to obtain knowledge, and in this process some webmaster must pay attention to the classification of knowledge, can not let the user once knowledge content download finished, at least should be divided into 100 downloads, so that it can increase the PV value of the site, reduce the rate of jump out.

2, the website should have core characteristics, the characteristics of the core now is to test predictions, although each prediction can only be measured before 10 a few questions, but the effect is very good, as long as the two classroom before the exam, the website traffic is at least 2-3 times daily, from which we can see the site core features importance here, I also recommend classroom qualification site friends a website of your own characteristics are established, regardless of knowledge or prediction is feasible.

second teachers exam sites must have talent recruitment information, why is a teacher exam class website should have recruitment information? Fundamentally into the teachers’ qualification examination site or students, or social idle personnel, so why don’t we can build a recruitment platform on the site to build a? A recruitment platform is not only favorable to the website, more importantly can also help more students or social idle personnel to find a suitable job recruitment platform through the proposal, when a platform webmaster friends to pay attention to the following:

1, recruitment platform must be true, the information released by must stand the test, is not easy to college students and social idle personnel, if in the face of some of these people cheat so the pressure is relatively large, a man should have a conscience, hope webmaster friends understand this point.

2, the information released by the recruitment platform, is best related to teachers, whether to go to private schools

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