The shop should pay attention to the way the Tao Zhang

shop on credit, this is a very common thing, however, if the account or back, for the owner is undoubtedly a big loss. There are many shops because of these bad debts can only lead to the final closing. However, some customers had debts, nature is because they do not want to pay, if you want to come back to the account, also need to pay attention to the natural way.

shop to do business, which has no credit, I like the small shops have to credit customers every day, although sometimes don’t want credit, but for those shenanigans to credit customers, we are impossible to guard against.

used to be an old customer, who was in my store, and now has moved out of our neighborhood. But every time we need to recharge the bill, may will make a phone call to ask me to recharge it. A few days pass by me, I see, she will take the initiative to settle the bill before, she couldn’t see from my shop door calmly walked over.

in the past few days may pass here, let me help her recharge 50 yuan calls. When I will recharge to her mobile phone when she the first mock exam pocket, suddenly feel shy to say to me: "boss, at noon when the shower changed clothes, forgot to bring money, but Don’t worry., next time I will bring."

did not have two days, May’s daughter Lily came to my store to buy snacks. "Boss, I want to buy a bag of potato chips." Lily pointed to the potato chips sweetly. I hasten to Lily usually like to eat potato chips handed her hand, by the way: "good boy, how do you come to us to buy things?" The little girl naively replied, "mom took me to dinner at a restaurant next to your house."

said, Lily took her favorite potato chips jumped away. Then I thought that since you can bring my daughter to my next door for dinner, then dinner will be the last time to recharge the bill to the knot. Can backfire, I have been silly until the hotel closed, did not see the shadow of ami.

after two days, May’s daughter Lily came to my store again to buy snacks, I can not help but ask: "lily, how do you go out to buy a thing ah?" Lily’s eyes flashed. "I don’t have a person to come out, and my mother." I asked, "where’s mom? Why didn’t I see your mother?" "Mom’s having dinner at a restaurant next door." Lily answered me seriously.

is at the end of the year, the store credit account too much, may often credit, money will rarely take the initiative to send to the day before yesterday to eat, it should take the initiative to check me here, but she did not come, say what also can’t let her go today. Do you want to go to the hotel next door? Not much money, but

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