Shu a steamed stuffed bun shop to join the brand

Xiaobian today to introduce to you is a theme restaurant, which attracted the attention of consumers because of a fast food items, what is it? Today, Sichuan food theme restaurant to join the storm started a business, many investors have taken a fancy to the Shu Shu now a fast food items, want to join. This is the most influential delicacy brand, with quality characteristics of bamboo shoots pork, to the vast number of consumers left a deep impression, such a product to create a classic delicious food, Sichuan headquartered strength, China Merchants quickly start profitable investment.

eat a Baozipu join Shu making fast, time-saving, the fastest over Taiwan: a five Sichuan food package stuffing improved pot cooking technology, food production time in 20 minutes, achieved fast food fast do standard. After the customer ordering, it takes only 30 seconds to combine the most perfect Chinese menu. Priced at 6-12 yuan, parity of the people, making the shop business is hot, turn Taiwan rate is high!

Shu a steamed stuffed bun shop to join the quality of ingredients and fine pork as ingredients, five filling the package came out, with the scent of vegetables into the stomach of many diners. Five characteristics of filling wrapped bags, refreshing taste, a variety of delicious supply station, so that diners also praised by discerning. Five bags full of new ideas, is a bright spot in the modern food market.

Shu a steamed stuffed bun shop to join the product health, quality and stability, the flow of food production, to ensure the unity of taste: the lotus leaf as a combination of cooking utensils and tableware, to ensure that the original dishes, nutrition is not lost. Is the first home to solve the production of standardized standardized packaging of the five filling, through the rigorous quantification of product formulations, through quantization, image, process makes the dishes more simple, and to ensure that each taste uniform.

Shu a Baozipu food franchise brand sense of strong, unified decoration style, mature brand operation planning: with the VI system, the mature hot brand operation planning, the headquarters of the unified design style of decoration, comfortable dining environment, relaxed, and integrated into the China traditional cultural elements, make more sense of brand store decoration.

Shu food a steamed stuffed bun to join the super 20 categories, classic delicious dishes, each can tease diners appetite. The diners came to the five filling package, can reach a consensus on the palate, universal coverage China delicious consumer groups in the four corners of the world. Thus, Shu food a five pack has a broad market space for development, it is worth investors to join the fight!

According to the development of Sichuan food

a theme restaurant, a nutritionist with the most healthy delicacy which brought unprecedented collocation, the popularity of food stores, Shu a powerful strength for the partners of the future career to pave the way.

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