The purchase price of 18 yuan of the trousers sold 50 yuan why net profit of 52 yuan

had a chat with a uncle, he inadvertently talked about a single business when he was young, let me do this internet marketing shock. He 18 dollars to buy wholesale pants sold in 50 /, results of a pair of trousers earned 52, and up fengqiang.

According to the traditional way of doing business

the small city where there are two uncle paging station, a paging communication network are competing for business.

Do you have

Immediately for

finally began to sell his pants, he pulled the banner in front of the store: 50 yuan to buy high-end men’s trousers, send the value of 860 yuan a pager.

this first day of the first batch of advertising attracted skeptical customers, when customers really get pager, sensation spread appeared, from morning to night queuing panic buying, less than half a month, 3000 pagers were looted, later ordered.

have pager, the first thing the most urgent thing is to specify the uncle of paging network, naturally earn money.


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