What business can be done within 50 thousand yuan

some people may want to do business, but did not feel what experience, there is not enough money, so has been hesitant, in fact, the first venture, you can choose some more of the characteristics of the small business investment projects, 50 thousand yuan a lot within the small business project, here to see what!

1 million yuan to open a beef shop

"start a little hard, but for their own work, comfortable!" talking about his business, time-honored Shenji Deli director Shen Jufen very mixed feelings, she told reporters that she would not be laid off, do not walk the road of entrepreneurship. Shen Jufen said, in fact, the family has long been the ancestral sauce beef and beef stew soup recipe, but never thought to sell cooked food. Shen Jufen said, when the mabukai face, "selling delicatessen" sounds bad and fabrication process is very hard, also did not want to go up from.

3 million yuan to open a dating

"your happiness in my heart! You are busy you, to find the object of the matter to me!" Gao Yumei is the Yangzhou bridge dating by the person in charge, chose to open the matchmaking, completely out of personal interest. Gao Yumei said that in the past to open a restaurant in the home, with the marriage is not complete, but the house after the demolition of the house, the hotel did not. So she started looking around for the project.

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