Man suicide express suicide note is currently in a state of missing

husband disappeared the day before, the second day of his family received a courier sent suicide note. Worried that the man had an accident, the family and the police are looking for the missing man.

It is reported that

1 on the afternoon of 7 August, Guan Guorui after work has not come home, his family to find a home near the Internet cafes, shopping malls and even hospitals, did not see him.

1 8 in the morning, Ms. Dong received a letter sent by courier to the husband, do the above account of the mother, son and property, also wrote "there are so many people I want to say sorry," expression "last wish" and "not because I left more trouble" then, between the lines like a suicide note.

"before he left not happened, we recently did not quarrel." Ms Dong said that she and her parents because of the child’s somewhat contradictory, but not to write a suicide note, the extent of the exodus. January 7th at 4 in the afternoon, Guan Guorui and his colleagues before work together to discuss the child, looks very happy.

1 8, Ms. Dong has been reported to the police station. These days the family are looking crazy, there is still no clue, the police have stepped in to help find.

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