Let their entrepreneurial economy and traditional inheritance

over the past year, the number of college students returning home entrepreneurs began to grow, this choice can not only achieve the pursuit of personal economic and career, but also to promote the development of home. 31 year old Qi Chengpeng chose this path with personal choice.

the twelfth lunar month twenty-eight PM, Qi Chengpeng put down the bill not sort out, and quickly removed one hundred thousand dollars from the bank to the clerk who issued after the year-end bonus, catch up with the last bus minibus back home.

Qi Chengpeng after years before the age of 31. He graduated from Yantai University majoring in electronic information engineering seven years ago, when Qi Chengpeng’s father is not good to do the surgery, as a child he decided to quit the job in Yantai to return home to find work in the town of Yiyuan. Speaking just back to that period of time, Qi Chengpeng grinned sheepishly, but the family knew he had a pain at the site, along with a large brick pushing van, restaurant dishes…… Qi Chengpeng has done a variety of odd jobs, so he saved 30 thousand dollars a year, that is, by virtue of the principal of this $thirty thousand, he set the first courier store.

five years ago in Yiyuan County, this kind of thing is not popular online shopping, courier is blank, Qi Chengpeng from the express delivery, extended to the city logistics, goods distribution warehouse, now have their own WeChat public number, under the banner of the courier can send express service, can also pick clothes simple laundry, housekeeping service etc..

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