Solid wood cabinet

now more and more families began to buy solid wood cabinets, solid wood cabinets to change the appearance of cold metal cabinets, creating a warm and comfortable family atmosphere. So, kitchen decoration choose solid wood cabinet is good? Xiao Bian for us to do the introduction.

advantages and disadvantages of solid wood cabinets advantages:

1, solid wood cabinet material is pure solid wood, the plate of the cabinet quality is very secure, mainly including cherry wood, pine, oak, cedar etc.. Solid wood cabinet? These trees have their own unique growth environment, and they have their own growth patterns. The use of this plate making cabinets, you can increase the aesthetic of the kitchen.

this kind of material has good moisture-proof performance, for some acid and alkali environment has good corrosion performance. Solid wood cabinet? For the kitchen and more oily and humid environment, the choice of solid wood cabinets is the best choice.

2, solid wood cabinet? Solid wood cabinet is very environmentally friendly, it does not contain any harmful additives and formaldehyde gas, for the human body and the environment without any harm. After installation, you can check in immediately.

advantages and disadvantages of solid wood cabinets shortcomings:

solid wood cabinets because of the use of the material is solid wood, this material in the processing of the need for certain technology and equipment. Pure wood which contains moisture is difficult to clean up, solid wood cabinets? If you use the water containing the production of solid wood cabinets, a long time, the cabinet will be biting insects, due to the humid environment, the cabinet will grow moss and other substances, not only affects the cabinet, but also affects the appearance of the whole kitchen.

is about more than solid wood cabinets some advantages and disadvantages of paint, after a small series of advantages and disadvantages of solid wood cabinets, solid wood cabinet now everybody to understand, whether or not the solid wood cabinets, each cabinet material will have advantages and disadvantages, there will not meet all the needs. As long as it is suitable for home decoration style, quality and safety cabinets are good cabinets.

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