How much is the whole of jiamengfei – Hot pot

hot pot market, has been a very hot market. For those who want to join the business venture, is a very powerful choice. So, open a brand of their own hot pot to join the project is how much?

With the arrival of the

in twenty-first Century, hot pot restaurants in the market become more and more common, especially in the hot pot and self-service supermarkets, like the sudden appearance. To bring great joy to everyone, what to eat, are fixed, no matter how delicious, but now different. The emergence of self-help chafing dish. According to their own preferences, to decide what tastes really good. So, how much do you need to open a self-service hot pot store? Small series to a hot pot for you to make the following introduction:

Hot pot shop to invest? Hot pot shop on investment, involving many expenses, no investment experience is difficult to estimate how much you need to start a Hot pot shop, which is the necessary expenses, which are unnecessary expenses. The following is my old Wei Shu Hot pot after years of experience in the shop section of a total budget formula, you simply need to select the city where the operating area can quickly open a budget Hot pot shop how much money, how long is the payback period of investment, and cost margin, how much money employees pay how much money, Hot pot chairs tableware costs, Hot pot franchise fee and other expenses in detail how much money.

hot pot shop to join the investment mainly includes 5 aspects of the cost of the deposit fee, store rent, design decoration costs, equipment and facilities costs, operating costs. According to the different parts of the city costs vary. Through these 5 estimates of the cost can be roughly calculated to join a hot pot shop how much money. Each of these items is one of the most important sources of cost.

has the characteristics of the brand Hot pot to join the project, is the first choice for our business with a small capital. Hot pot project, worthy of your trust!

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